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Hokuto no Ken
Box artwork for Hokuto no Ken.
Japanese title北斗の拳
Developer(s)Toei Animation
Publisher(s)Toei Animation
Release date(s)
Followed byHokuto no Ken 2
SeriesHokuto no Ken
TwitchHokuto no Ken (Famicom) Channel

Hokuto no Ken (translated: Fist of the North Star) is a Famicom game developed by Toei Animation in 1986. It is the Famicom adaption of a mid-80s manga known as Hokuto no Ken.

In the Famicom game, Kenshiro must travel through five stages, primarily walking right to left. Along the way, several bad guys and henchmen will attempt to assault Kenshiro. He can attack them by punching which causes them to explode, or by kicking which sends the enemies flying. Kenshiro has a health bar and loses a life when it is empty. As he travels through the stages, a character will appear in some of the doorways. If the player chooses, he or she may press Up dpad+A button+B button to enter the doorway an into a new region of the stage. The ultimate goal is to navigate the maze of doorway choices and find the final boss of the stage. At that time, a one-on-one fight will commence, which Kenshiro must win in order to advance to the next stage.


In the manga, the world was engaged in a global nuclear war in the year 199X. After the war, the earth's surface became devoid of vegetation, the seas evaporated and civilization was thrown into chaos, turning everyday life into a battle for supplies of uncontaminated food and water, where the strong survive by preying on the weak. However, one man vows to make a difference. Kenshiro is the successor of the art of Hokuto Shinken, a deadly 1,800 year-old assassination style that is only passed down from one master to a chosen son. Kenshiro uses his skills and knowledge to protect the innocent from the bloodthirsty gangs that threaten their survival. Throughout the course of the series, Kenshiro meets several allies and rivals, most of whom are also trained in various martial arts styles.

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