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The controls for hook are very simple, as it's a point-and-click style game. The only keyboard command you might need is to press the P button to pause the game.

User interface[edit]

Hook's control panel

If you haven't got the game's instruction manual, you might want some pointers on how to use get around the user interface (shown in the picture). This is where the 2 most important things in the game are: the action buttons and the inventory.

Action buttons[edit]

The images below show what each of the action buttons mean:

  • Examine: Click this button then click on something in the game or in your inventory to see a description of what it is.
  • Talk: Click this button and then click on a person to talk to them. When in a conversation, click the right mouse button to scroll through possible things to say - click the left mouse button to say your chosen sentence.
  • Pick Up: Click this button then click on a object in the game to try to pick it up. Anything you successfully pick up will be added to your inventory.
  • Use: Click this button then click on an item in the game, or your inventory, to use it. Also use the "use" button on things like doors (to knock on them). You can combine items in your inventory by clicking "use", then an item, then another item.
  • Give: Click this button, then click an item in your inventory and then click on someone to give them that item.


Peter's inventory

This is where all the items that you pick up will be stored - as well as some other bits and pieces that Peter has on him at the start of the game. You'll start off with just a letter, a blue disk with a hook on it, a mobile phone (not bad for 1992!) and a cheque book. All of these are pretty useless (except for the disk) but it will soon be filled with useful items that you've collected.

Saving your progress[edit]

To save your game you need to "Use" the little blue disk that's in your inventory.