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Pirate City[edit]

Pirate Square

You start the game in Pirate Square, to the right is Dead Man's Pier and to the left is Behind Pirate Square. The alley way just to the right of the clock tower leads to Mugger's Alley and this is where you want to go first.

At any time you can talk to Tink to receive some random hints. Her replies are somehow different in each screen. There are very few characters you can actually interact in a meaningful manner: The Tailor, Dr. Chop, the Innkeeper, and the Lazy Pirate at the "Jolliest Roger's". Feel free to exhaust the dialogue options with them for some rudimentary humor and hints about how to obtain a pirate uniform.

Collecting items[edit]

Go to the end of Mugger's Alley and go to see Dr. Chop in his office. Notice the map which suggests that he has buried something somewhere. If you talk to him he will tell you that it is his watch. Take the large yellow blind off the window and then speak to Dr. Chop. Ask "How can I earn some money?". He'll tell you that you've got nice teeth, so agree to give him one of your teeth and he'll give you a gold coin. Speak to him again and give him another tooth to gain another gold coin then leave Dr. Chop and go back outside. Go back to Pirate Square then go left to Behind Pirate Square.

Pick up the wooden pole on the right then pick up the anchor (it's hanging down from the walkway on the left - you can only see the top part of it). Notice the washing hanging on the line above. You'll be needing the blue jacket from up there later on, but for now, go back to Pirate Square then go right, to Dead Man's Pier. Pick up the rope at the bottom of the walkway and then go into The Crossed Swords. Pick up the silver mug on the table next to Peter then pick up the silver mug by the sleeping man. Go back out to Dead Man's Pier then go into Bait and Tackle. Pick up the silver mug next to the sleeping man, go up the stairs and out the door to Pirate Square.

Now it's time get yourself a hat.

Stealing the pirate's uniform[edit]


Use the rope on the anchor, and this will create a grappling hook. Use the grappling hook on the top of the clock tower. Peter refuses to do it, but try again. He refuses again! The next time you try Peter will use the grappling hook to swing across pirate square but you need to time it just right if you want to get yourself a new hat. Wait until the pirate below is right before the crocodile, at the center of the screen. Use the grappling hook at that exact moment and Peter will swing and grab the pirate's hat as he goes by.


You've landed on the other side of the square outside Mrs Smeedle's Wash Room and this is the first part of stealing the jacket off her washing line. The next few steps have to be done quickly, while Mrs Smeedle is distracted.

Knock on her door (click "Use" then click on her door). As soon as you can, use the grappling hook on the clock tower to swing back across the square. Go inside Bait and Tackle and go down the stairs and out the door to Dead Man's Pier. Go to Pirate Square then across to Behind Pirate Square. Use the washing pole, that you grabbed earlier, on the blue jacket - if you've got there quickly enough, you'll steal the jacket without Mrs Smeedle noticing. Before you leave, examine the jacket to find a single gold coin.


Mugger's Alley

Go back to Pirate Square then down Mugger's Alley and into Jolliest Roger's Place. Speak to the man sitting at the round table and say: "I need a drink, how about you?" - he'll chat for a while. Then say: "See you again." Give your three mugs to the barman, one at a time, Then do the same with your three coins. In return, he'll hand over three nice frothy beers. Give all the beers to the man sitting at the round table, to make him pass out. Now "pick up" the man's trousers and Peter will steal them right off his legs!

You now have the complete pirate suit so it's time to find somewhere to get changed. Go back outside to Mugger's Alley then back to Pirate Square. Go left to Behind Pirate Square then use the blind (that you stole from Dr Chop's place) and Peter will change into his new pirate outfit.

Go back to Pirate Square and then down Mugger's Alley. Continue all the way down Mugger's Alley, past Dr. Chop and go to Good Form Pier. Go along the walkway and onto the ship. Once on the ship, go right and take some gold from the three brown pots. Go all the way back to Pirate Square (Good Form Pier > Mugger's Alley > Pirate Square) then go to Ye Pirate Tailors (on the left side of Pirate Square). Speak to the guy behind the counter: "My name's Peter Banning, where can I find this Hook?" Then say: "Do you have any metal detectors?" and then say: "There you go." The man gives you the magnet you need, so say: "I gotta grab a cab" and head back outside

Meeting with Hook[edit]

Go to Mugger's Alley then to Good Form Beach. In the centre of the beach there is a faint X in the sand. Use the magnet on it to find a clock. Go back to Mugger's Alley then to Good Form Pier and then back onto the ship. Go left to find a group of pirates and have your first meeting with Captain Hook.

In to Neverland[edit]

In a bizarre turn of events Peter is now at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by mermaids. There is a huge clam shell and some ropes with a pulley system attached. Examine the clam shell, to find a conch shell. Now use the washing pole on the pulley system to get it working. "Use" the clam shell to catch a ride back to the surface.

You'll now be high up, on what looks like a huge tree branch with a view of Neverland in the distance. Walk off to the right to enter the Neverforest.


This part can be a bit tricky as it's quite easy to get lost, but follow the directions and it'll be easy.

  • Keep going right, through three screens, until you reach a rocky dead-end
  • Go down the pathway into the distance
  • Go right until you reach another dead end
  • Go down another pathway into the distance
  • Go left, through four screens until you reach yet another rocky dead-end
  • Go down yet another pathway into the distance
  • Go right until you reach a tree with lots of green mould hanging off it

Stand in the centre of the green patch and a rope trap will grab you and Tinkerbell will appear. When Peter falls back to the ground, go through the new doorway into the tree.

Inside the Nevertree[edit]

In this sequence Peter is supposed to use his imagination and insult Rufio. When you first talk to Rufio there are very few insults. Your task is to trigger some of Peter's past abilities, and your progress will be reflected on new available insults to Rufio (the guy in green at the head of the table). Actually you don't have to use any of them, just the final one ("Oh Rufio...") which however appears only if you have completed all of the tasks below.

The Dining Area

Go up the steps on the left side of the dinner table area to the Lost Boys Workshop. Pick up the Suction Arrow on the table and go left to the Jogging Area - then go left to The Avenger. Walk over to the barrels on the left and pick up the fishing net on one of the barrels - examine the fishing net to find some string. Go back to the Jogging Area then go off to The Four Seasons (at either side of the screen). On the right of the screen you see a big yellow flower - pick the flower. Walk over to the chicken and use the conch shell to startle the chicken and make it fly - then while it's in mid-air pick up the chicken's eggs. There is also a dead branch on the ground which you won't need; if you attempt to make a bow with it, it will snap.

Go back to the Jogging Area then go to the Lost Boys Workshop. Give the eggs to the guy behind the desk and he'll give you a big piece of strong elastic. Go back to the Dining Area then to the Round Pond. Give the big flower you picked to Tinkerbell and she'll give you a thimble. Pick up the branch sticking out of the tree next to Tinkerbell. Use the piece of string you found, on the branch (to make a bow). Go back to the Dinning Area, then go to the Lost Boys Workshop. There are some brown pan pipes hanging up on the right side of the fence - use the bow on them to shoot them down. Pick up the pan pipes and go back to the Dining Area then go up to the Slingshot.

Use the big piece of elastic on the broken slingshot to fix it, then go right, to the Cliffside (the upper part) and walk to the edge of the cliff. "Use" the edge of the cliff to make Peter jump off. Now go back to the Slingshot, then back to the Cliffside and jump off again for two more times. If you talk to the Lost Boy (Thudbutt) he will say that you are ready for the Slingshot. Go back to the Slingshot and "use" it, to fire yourself off the cliff. Once you've done that, talk to Thudbutt again and say: "What are your happy thoughts" - and he'll give you some marbles. Go back to the Slingshot and then to the Dining Area.

Becoming Peter Pan[edit]

Speak to Rufio and say: "Oh Rufio" - this makes Peter use his imagination to insult Rufio and blow some imaginary food at him. Go to the Round Pond and walk to the middle of the screen and Peter will be hurled across the pond and go inside a tree.

Speak to Tinkerbell, then examine the long orange thing in the middle of the room (which is a bed, apparently) then examine the "smashed rocking chair" on the right side of the room and then the fireplace. Speak to Tinkerbell again and she'll give you a teddy bear and then Peter has a flashback about his childhood and his family.

When the flashback is over, Peter can fly! He soars to the top of the tree and then flies to the dining area. He's now become Peter Pan.

When he lands, Rufio gives him a sword and Peter flies off to battle Captain Hook.

The final battle[edit]

When Peter lands on the ship, say:

  • "Peter Pan the avenger."
  • When the fights pauses, say: "Good form James"
  • When it pauses again, say: "Tick-tock-tick-tock Hook's afraid of the dead old croc"
  • At the next pause say: "You kidnapped my kids, you deserve to die James Hook."

Eventually they take the battle over to the plank for the final showdown.

  • When there's a pause, say: "Put up your swords. It's Hook or me this time."
  • At the next pause, say: "Peter Pan the avenger!"

Now sit back and watch.

The End[edit]

Revel in your glory as you watch the end credits roll, safe in the knowledge that you have one less Amiga game to complete.