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  • Hp: Health
  • Ag: Agility
  • Dx: Dexterity
  • St: Strength
  • Le: Leadership
  • Wi: Wisdom
  • Ma: Marksmanship
  • Me: Mechanical
  • Ex: Explosive
  • Me: Medical
  • Lv: Level
  • $: Cost
  • Sk: Skills
Name Hp Ag Dx St Le Wi Ma Me Ex Me Lv $ Sk Notes
Barry 82 72 87 80 29 91 70 44 92 20 2 700/ 3400/ 5500 Electronics, Lock-picking Likes Red. Can't swim.
Blood 84 94 87 82 6 75 78 23 31 23 3 850/ 5500/ 9000 Throwing, Martial Arts Likes Magic, Hates Cliff and Bubba.
Lynx 81 79 86 77 39 71 99 29 50 30 4 2850/ 18500/ 35000 + deposit Electronics, Night ops Likes Ice. Hates Buzz. Sexist.


At the start of the game, you may select any of the AIM mercenaries, and offer them a 1 day, 1 week or 2 week contract. The contracts cause the mercenaries to render their services for a period of time.

You have the option to renew contracts, but mercenaries have the right to refuse for the following reasons:

  • They signed up for another contract since you didn't offer an extension within the last 2 or 3 days of the contract. This is more likely to happen to more experienced mercenaries.
  • You hired a mercenary they don't like.
  • There is a high death rate.
  • They have low morale.

You can recruit other characters, such as through IMP, through MERC, or from other means, but will not use the standard contract system.


The AIM mercenaries have developed friendships and rivalries over their engagements. While they will honor the existing contracts, they may accept or decline work based on these relationships.

A mercenary who has a friend on a team will always accept a contract renewal (unless they picked up another contract). However, there may be a short delay before they will remain.