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Super Story Mode follows the adventures of Jotaro Kujo and his comrades to defeat the evil Dio. The storyline is based off of the manga, and makes a whole lot more sense if you've read it. Every fight gives you a maximum of 50 points, based off of how well you fought and the "Secret Factor". To get that, you have to fulfill a requirement that mirrors the way things happened in the manga. There are 39 parts to the whole thing, the last 4 being extra and very difficult. Good luck!

Point System Breakdown[edit]

Traditional Fighting Levels:

  1. Vital: 15 Points
  2. Time: 15 Points
  3. Condition Move: 10 Points
  4. Secret Factor: 10 Points

Adventure Levels:

  1. Vital: 20 Points
  2. Success Reaction: 20 Points
  3. Secret Factor: 10 Points

Chapter 1: Magician of Flames[edit]

Secret Factor
Make sure Jotaro is out of the prison by keeping him on the far right side of the screen by the time the fight is over.

Here we meet our protagonist, Jotaro Kujo, who's locked himself in a jail cell, claiming there's an evil spirit possessing him. His grandfather, Joseph, will have none of this, so he gets his friend Avdol to get him out.

Since this is the first fight, it's pretty simple. Try using a Super Move to take out some of Avdol's health early, then finish him off on the right part of the stage.

After the fight, Joseph explains that the three of them all have similar abilities that came about after a man named Dio's coffin was brought out from the bottom of the sea. This guy is apparently an immortal vampire who really doesn't dig the Joestar family. Oh well, it's time for Jotaro to go to school.

Chapter 2: Who's going to judge this!?[edit]

Secret Factor
Finish him off with a Star Breaker to ensure you get those 10 extra points.

JoJo decides to go to the Nurses' Office for whatever reason. We meet up with some pink-haired guy who goes by Kakyoin, currently being controlled by Dio. He shows off his stand, Heirophant Green, and JoJo comments that it looks nasty, like a melon. Either way, it's time to go!

This fight is as easy as the first one. Although Heirophant is long-range, it's still pretty weak. Just be sure to avoid his Emerald Splash attack.

After the fight, JoJo uses Star Platinum to take the "evil implant" out of Kakyoin's brain.

Chapter 3: Attack of the bizarre insect![edit]

Secret Factor
Defeat the fly with India's Arm.

Now if that isn't a great title, I don't know what is. Anyway, we meet our four heroes standing awkwardly in the middle of the plane. Out of nowhere, a giant stag beetle appears. Star Platinum tries to attack it and misses. For whatever reason, the fly cuts off the tongues of the passengers while the good guys stand there looking tough. An old guy wakes up from all the noise and Kakyoin knocks him out. What a nice boy.

Grey Fly is a pain and a half. He's super quick and has quite a few combo attacks that don't leave you any room to get an attack in. Your best best is to probably keep your distance and use Emerald Splash to get its health down low, and finish it off with India's Arm to get the secret factor. It explodes in an awesome fountain of blood.

We discover that Grey Fly has killed off the pilot. Joseph is told to take control of the plane, to which he responded that he's only done it twice before. What are the chances of crashing three times in your lifetime, right?