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Box artwork for Karaoke Studio Senyou Cassette Vol. 1.
Karaoke Studio Senyou Cassette Vol. 1
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
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Karaoke Studio Senyou Cassette Vol. 1 (カラオケスタジオ 専用カセット20 VOL.1?) is the first of two expansion cassettes for the Karaoke Studio music game designed by Bandai in 1987 for Nintendo's Famicom. It provides additional levels and other new content by plugging it directly into the Karaoke Studio subsystem. As an expansion, it does not come with the microphone peripheral provided by the base package.

Gameplay consists of singing along in a karaoke-manner to a series of Japanese pop songs. The player is scored on accuracy of singing. The songs have been converted into 8-bit format for use with the Famicom and as the music plays and the song's lyrics are shown, on-screen depictions of the song's themes are displayed in the background simultaneously.

Title screen

Song Selection[edit]

  1. 居酒屋 (Tavern)
  2. 命くれない (Life doesn't grow dark)
  3. 与作 (Bonus harvest)
  4. ろくでなし (Good for nothing)
  5. もしかしてパート2 (Possibly Part 2)
  6. 夜霧よ今夜もありがとう (Thank you for the evening fog)
  7. 昴 (Pleiades)
  8. いとしのエリー (Ellie My Love)
  9. ストロベリータイム (Strawberry time)
  10. パンドラの恋人 (Lover of Pandora)
  11. 君だけに (Only to you)
  12. フィフティフィフティ (Fifty fifty)
  13. ろくなもんじゃねぇ (Satisfactory farewell)
  14. かまって音頭 (Concerned with signing)
  15. 大きな栗の木の下で (Under the big chestnut tree)
  16. ゲンコツ山のタヌキさん (Genkotsu mountain tanooki)
  17. むすんでひらいて (Musun lightning rod)
  18. ブンブンブン (Bumbumbum)
  19. 山の音楽家 (Musician in mountain)
  20. ふしぎなポケット (Mysterious pocket)

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