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Meta Knightmare Ultra can be unlocked by completing Revenge of the King. The player dons the role of the super-powered sword-wielding masked boss Meta Knight, joining him in a journey of training. This mode is a mad dash through Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, and finally Milky Way Wishes. Most of the cutscenes and extra areas are cut out of each stage, and this coupled with Meta Knight's special abilities makes it tailor-made for speedruns. The player's best completion times are recorded.

Completing this mode will unlock Helper to Hero.

Controlling Meta Knight[edit]

Controlling Meta Knight is mostly the same as controlling Kirby. He jumps, he slides, he dashes, he guards, and all that good stuff. However, there are two main differences: Meta Knight uses his wings to fly, instead of "ballooning" like Kirby does. Secondly, Meta can't inhale or copy abilities, instead he uses his sword to attack.

Controls Attack Name Damage Description
B button Meta Chop 22 Slashes with his blade
B buttonB button Meta Upper 22 Slashes upwards
B buttonB buttonB button Meta Multithrust 8 (2-6 hits) Unleashes a multitude of stabs
B button at full health Knight Beam 10 Shoots a beam from his sword
Up dpad+B button Up Thrust 20 Stabs upward
B button in air Meta Chop and Thrust 16 Slashes, holding his sword out after the slash. Meta will "bounce" away from foes after he hits with this. Since Meta can fly more agilely than Kirby, it's very effective to use this repeatedly against bosses.
Down dpad+B button in air Down Thrust 20-30 (1-2 hits) Meta Knight plunges straight downward with a powerful thrust. He passes through enemies while using this attack, so if the target isn't destroyed, Meta will take recoil damage from touching the enemy.
Dash B button Lunging Slice 28 (1-2 hits) Slides forward, lunging forward with a stab. Meta's invincible while he's using this move, so he can use this to dash through small enemies safely without hurting himself.
Dash-Jump B button Knight Spin 14 (1-3 hits) Meta Knight flips three times, slashing in a full circle around himself.

Every time Meta Knight (or his ally) kills an enemy with their sword, he will absorb points from them, up to maximum of 50. You can touch icons on the bottom screen to spend these points on one of four powerful techniques. Most enemies with no ability yield one point, enemies with an ability have two, mid-bosses usually have around five, and bosses usually yield ten.

Attack Name Pt Cost Description
Knight Call 2 Summons a Sword Knight/Blade Knight to aid Meta. This guy works as though he was Kirby's helper. You can expel him by pressing X button.
Meta Quick 8 Meta Knight's (and Sword Knight's/Blade Knight's) movement speed greatly increases for a limited time. This is mostly useful for getting record times--if you want to get the fastest time possible, never let Quick's effect drop off for long.
Heal 10 Meta Knight (and Sword Knight/Blade Knight) fully recover health. Since Meta Knight gets no tomatoes and limited food items, be prepared to use this frequently. Speedrunners will likely prefer to forgo healing and simply do their best to avoid damage, saving their points for Meta Quick and Mach Tornado.
Mach Tornado 30 Deals 190 damage to all enemies on screen. This is enough to instantly kill anything but the toughest of bosses, and even they will be reduced to half-or-less health (except for Galacta Knight). Due to the costliness of this technique, it's best to save it for cutting your time on lengthy boss fights.