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  • Left dpad / Right dpad: Press left or right on the direction pad to steer in either direction.
  • Up dpad: Hold up on the direction pad to accelerate Kitt to higher speeds. If you release up, Kitt will begin to slow down.
  • Down dpad: Press down on the direction pad to cause Kitt to brake, which reduces his speed quickly.
  • A button: Press the A button to fire Kitt's currently selected weapon (Guns, Missiles, or Lasers).
  • B button: Press the B button to activate Kitt's Turbo Boost and launch into the air. The faster Kitt is travelling when you initiate the Turbo Boost, the higher you will fly.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to begin a new game, or to pause the action mid-game. Start is also used to advance the conversation before a stage begins.
  • Select button: Press the Select button while driving to toggle between Kitt's available weapons. Press Select during conversations or in menus to choose between options.


Michael Knight
You play the role of Michael Knight, the hero of the series. A former Green Beret and police officer, Michael was "killed" in the line of duty, given plastic surgery and a brand new identity by the Knight Industries, an organization founded by Wilton Knight. He now works for FLAG, a private crime-fighting arm of Knight Industries. Michael was selected for his high level of self-defense training, intelligence, law enforcement experience, and his ability and preference to work alone without assistance or back-up. Together with a high-tech automobile called the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), Michael Knight agrees to carry on Wilton Knight's crusade of aiding the powerless. Since the game is portrayed from the first-person perspective of Michael driving KITT, you never see him in the game.
Knight Rider NES portrait Devon.png
Devon Miles
After Wilton Knight's passing, Wilton's longtime friend and confidant, Devon Miles, became the new director of FLAG. Devon provides mission details and updates to Knight and KITT. He also serves as the spokesman for FLAG whenever it comes under scrutiny.
Knight Rider NES portrait Bonnie.png
Dr. Bonnie Barstow
Bonnie is the chief technician for KITT, performing upgrades and repairs whenever necessary, in order to keep KITT in top crime fighting condition. At the start of each mission, Bonnie will chide Michael for not being more careful with KITT, and offer to provide one upgrade to KITT in the form of more shields, more gas storage, more efficient engine, more missile store, or more laser capacity.