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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Boss Battles[edit]

Most of the game is relatively straightforward, the only reasonably difficult part is the boss fights that occur at the end of the 5th level of each attraction. The bosses, and all general monsters in this game, are powered by replicas of the Chaos Rings. When defeated, they come out and disintegrate instead of animals.

General Strategies for fighting bosses:
  • Come with plenty of rings.
  • Throw your partner at the Boss. This may seem strange, but if the partner gets hit, he only loses one ring, where as if the player gets hit, he loses them all.
  • If out of rings, ONLY attack with the partner. If the partner is hit while the player has one or less rings, then he will die temporarily, similar to Tails' behavior in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Also, if the player has no rings and gets hit, the partner will take the hit for him and die. Avoid being hit and do no try to attack until the partner returns.

Speed Slider[edit]

This is the boss of the Speed Slider Zone.

This boss resembles the final boss of Sonic 3. Eggman is in a stationary pillar in the middle, apparently hanging off a floating base. There is a platform for the player to stand on. The player must strike the blue target while avoiding being hit by the spiked objects that pass into the foreground and background. The only challenge here is to avoid bouncing into the spikes after hitting the target.

Techno Tower[edit]

This is the boss of the Techno Tower Zone.

This boss is in a Mech with huge arms. He swings the arms around trying to hit the player. To defeat him, hit the red target in his chest. This is one of the easiest bosses of all.

Botanic Base[edit]

This is the boss of the Botanic Base Zone.

This boss starts out by knocking the floor down a few feet with an earthquake. It has an electrical shield that goes on and off. The boss summons a claw that snatches up the partner and leaves the player suspended. Swinging around wildly won't help, so control it by holding the down button to stretch the cord to the extent and remain stationary. Hit it when the shields are down, and rest when they're up. After a few hits the Zone will be clear.

Amazing Arena[edit]

This is the boss of the Amazing Arena Zone.

There is a white screen in each level of Amazing Arena. At level 5, the screen shows an image of Eggman, who then emerges from a screen. Enemies are continually summoned from the screen, posing the greatest threat to your ring balance. Eggman's main attack is that his machine's arms shoot out trying to hit the player. Avoid his arms by standing on the opposite side and hit Eggman to win.

Marina Madness[edit]

This is the boss of the Marina Madness Zone.

This boss is quite annoying. Eggman comes down in a protective shell, and swoops down at the player. This can be evaded by ducking. When he comes out of the shell, the pieces orbit around him, still providing some protection. Strike him when the pieces are out of the way; the best bet is to throw the partner at him. The more hits that are on this boss, the color of the shell changes.

Final Battle[edit]

Metal Sonic taking over the World Entrance.

This Boss fight has several parts. The first boss encountered is that Metal Sonic has invaded the World Entrance and taken over the level selector. To defeat him, hit the bouncer in the center to trigger a response. One of several things will happen, depending on what level it lands on: Saws will come out of the floor, spikes will emerge along the walls, Rockets will launch from the ground, and so on. The only difficult thing is that there are no rings here. Eventually, each level will destroy itself, and Metal Sonic will flee to Eggman.

Super Metal Sonic[edit]

Super Metal Sonic, with only one arm.
Super Metal Sonic, with no arms.

This boss has three phases. In the first phase, it attacks from the right. This is the easiest; Simply hit the arms a few times, and the right arm will fall off. Next, it recedes into the background, facing the screen. It will swat at the player as long as he is on the floor. The best way to avoid this is to use the partner as a sacrifice so that the player can hit the left arm. Once the partner dies, The best idea is to climb up the wall using Knuckles or Espio. Super Metal Sonic won't attack as long as the player is on the wall. Once the partner returns, repeat. After a few hits, the arm falls off, and Metal Sonic's torso will move to the left side of the screen, and begin firing lasers.

This is the worst part of the fight by far; any poorly timed jumps will get the player killed. If the player stands still on the floor, he can't be hit by the laser. However, to hit the torso it must be on the right side of the wall, and if the player is too close to it, it will recede outside the level boundaries. So, to hit it, wait until it starts firing and spin dash towards it. Once the laser stops, attack, and then retreat to the far side and prepare to repeat the procedure. Do this a few more times and you will have officially completed Knuckles' Chaotix.

Congratulations! All Chaos Rings!
Congratulations! Get the Rings next time!