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Thermal Energy, or T-ENG, is vital to your survival. You can carry up to 9999 T-ENG, and as long as you have T-ENG, your life bar will regenerate if you take damage; however, if you lose all your T-ENG, your life bar will decrease until you die. Your T-ENG will constantly decrease, so you must keep a steady supply. T-ENG is also needed in order to pilot Vital Suits and to use certain weapons. There are five ways to obtain Thermal Energy:

Data Posts

Activating Data Posts will give a boost of several thousand to your T-ENG.


Once you kill an Akrid, they drop some T-ENG, and solidify. You can break the bodies for some extra T-ENG. The amount of T-ENG depends on the size of the Akrid.


When you kill a human, they drop small amounts of T-ENG.

Vital Suits

If you destroy a VS, they drop TONS of T-ENG. Be sure to pick it up before it disappears.

Destructible Objects

Almost anything you can destroy yields small amounts of T-ENG. It's not much, but it's something.