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This is a "locations walkthrough" which describes what must be done in each room, not reflecting the order of actions.


Items: package (stamps), door key, film

Watch the brief introduction and walk to the left. Feel free to READ the warning sign. You arrive at the front of the Mansion with the mailbox.

Feel free to PUSH the door-bell, however this will make Ed come to answer it.

PICK UP door-mat and the key. UNLOCK the door with the key and you can enter the Mansion at the #Ground floor hall.

At some random point the doorbell will ring; the postman delivers Ed's package under the mailbox. You will see a sequence with Ed leaving his room. You must hurry a kid outside and PICK UP the package. Either have a kid waiting outside to gain some time, or have a kid intercept Ed, who will run after him/her. That way Ed will forget about the package (although you might have to rescue that kid later) and you will have plenty of time to go and get it. Once you have it, OPEN it and get the stamps. You are supposed to GIVE the package to Ed at some later point. He will mention you a film. Now if you come back outside, you will notice an undeveloped film near the bushes which you must PICK UP.

At a later point, having the stamps, Edna's envelope from the #Safe Room (not ripped) and Mark Eteer's address typed on it in the typewriter room, you can send him something.

In the Syd/Razor scenario you must send Green's demo tape.
In the Wendy scenario you must send the corrected manuscript.

If you don't care following the above scenarios you can "waste" the envelope by sending Mark Eteer other stuff such as:

  • Syd/Razor's tape
  • Tentacle Mating Calls tape
  • A blank tape
  • The Meteor's original manuscript
  • The broken record

Just USE this object in the envelope and USE the stamps on the envelope. OPEN the mailbox, USE the envelope in the mailbox and CLOSE it. Of course USE the flag to raise it for the postman to take.

Notice that the above won't be triggered if you have a kid staying there (there is no cutscene which shows the postman) so just continue your playthrough until this happens instead of waiting.

After some time Mark Eteer will receive the envelope and you will see a cutscene of him and his reaction. If you have sent him an other, trivial object, you might see a funny reaction or comment by him; for example if you sent him the "tentacle mating calls", his window will crack when he plays the tape.

Following this, and after some more time, you will hear the doorbell, which means that the postman brought new mail. OPEN the mailbox and PICK UP the contract which has arrived. The Green's musical contract must be given to Green; the publishing contract will be used later to the Meteor to beat the game. The Syd/Razor's contract is useless for the game, and if it is given to Green, it will kill the player.

Underground House[edit]

Items: developer fluid (if you have visited the #Storage earlier)

Notice the bushes to the left of the stairs. PICK UP the bushes and you will reveal a grating. If you have a kid worked out at #Ted's Room, you can get him/her to PULL it and enter the underground house. Walk to the right and you will find a water valve which you can OPEN to drain the #Pool.

Notice that as soon as you drain the pool, you have a limited time before the Mansion explodes (the pool serves as a cooler for the nuclear reactor), so it is advisable to have already a kid waiting at the pool. Also the Purple Tentacle moves out to check the #Basement to prevent the meltdown so it's advisable to remove any kids from there.

Once you have the other kid do the job at the pool, switch back to the kid at the underground house and restore the valve to refill the pool and cancel the alarm.

If you want to win the Michael scenario, have the sponge from Ted's Room, and USE it to collect the developer fluid puddle.

Ground floor[edit]

When you enter the Mansion you see a large hall with the grandfather clock and a staircase. It is advisable to not have any kids waiting there as the Edisons might encounter them.

A point of interest is the door on the right which does not open as it has no knob. It leads to the #Cellar. You need to bring two kids there. Have one to PUSH the right gargoyle at the stairs to see the door open, then switch to the other one and enter the door to the cellar. Notice that the kid in the cellar can return even if the other kid leaves and the cellar door closes.


Items: blank cassette

The Library is the rightmost room, entered from the #Living Room.

Once you enter it, it will be dark. Use the WHAT IS to locate the lamp and TURN ON.

The room is dominated by a stairway which is "out of order", but you have no way to fix it, as it is only a red herring. Notice also the insignificant "Chuck the Plant" who reappears in several Lucasfilm games as an in-joke.

Locate the loose panel at the right of the library. OPEN it and PICK UP the blank cassette inside.

There is also a telephone which is broken.

If you have Bernard or Jeff and the tools from the #Garage, USE them to FIX the telephone. Dial the number you found at the #Ted's Room (randomized among 1547, 2275, 3444, 5235, 7537) and call Edna to distract her for some limited time. Then have another kid enter her room.

Living Room[edit]

Items: radio tube, rusty key

This room has an exit to the right which leads to the #Library.

To win the scenario with Bernard, OPEN the old radio and PICK UP the radio tube.

OPEN the cabinet door and find the cassette player there. Having the cassette with the recording of the "tentacle mating calls", you can USE it in the player and TURN ON. The sound will cause the chandelier to break and you can collect the rusty key.


Items: cheese, can of Pepsi, lettuce, cheese, broken bottles of ketchup, flashlight

The Kitchen is the leftmost door of the main hall. If you enter it at the very beginning of the game, Edna will be there looking in the fridge (Edna leaves the kitchen anyway a few minutes after you enter the house). So make sure you walk slowly to the right, and as soon as she talks to you, go ASAP to the left and exit the kitchen. She will disappear (!). If she catches the kid, she will send him/her to the #Dungeon.

The chainshaw is a red herring, like the blood stains which turn out to be ketchup.

PICK UP the flashlight. OPEN the fridge and PICK UP the can of Pepsi. You can also take the cheese, lettuce and ketchup if you want to feed Green later at the #Second Floor although it's not important. You can also take the old batteries to USE in the flashlight, although they soon deplete and you can find fresh ones later.

At a later point, if you have Edna's envelope and the jar, TURN ON the sink, USE jar on water and OPEN the microwave oven. USE the envelope and the jar in the microwave oven and TURN ON. You can then OPEN the envelope without damaging it (or else the game will be winnable only with Bernard and Michael). The envelope contains a single quarter which you can use in the #Arcades. Notice that if you use radiated water from the pool instead of sink water, the kid who opens the oven will die.

Syd/Razor can kill Ed's hamster in the oven.

Have in mind that at some point in the game you may see a cutscene with Ed going to the kitchen to fetch cheese (this only occurs after you open the fridge, but before you feed the green tentacle, so it is easy to avoid). As mentioned, the cheese is used to feed Green, so if you miss it, you can substitute it with something else.

Dining Room[edit]

Items: old rotting turkey, week old roast

The Dining Room connects the #Kitchen to the #Storage Room to the right. As you traverse the room, feel free to PICK UP the pieces of meat from the table in order to feed Green later although they are not needed.


Items: fruit drinks, tentacle chow, canned goods, glass jar, developer

You are in a small storage room with a locked door which leads outside to the #Pool.

From the shelves PICK UP the glass jar and the fruit drinks. Feel free to take also the other stuff in order to feed Green later, although they are not needed.

To win the scenario with Michael, PICK UP the bottle of developer. It will fall and break in the drain. The liquid can be collected later from the #Underhouse.

The locked door can open with the silver key found in the #Cellar.


Items: radio (batteries), glowing key, radioactive water

The pool is found at the backyard. You reach it from the #Storage Room.

It is actually the Dr's nuclear reactor cooler. USE the glass jar on the pool to collect some radioactive water.

In order to access the bottom of the pool, have a kid waiting there, and another enter the #Under house. Having opened the valve, you have some time to SWITCH back to the Pool kid, descend the ladder and PICK UP the glowing key and the radio. ASAP climb up, SWITCH to the Under house kid and CLOSE the valve.

Note that if the valve is closed while the kid is not safely on the ground, s/he will drown.

The radio has working batteries so OPEN it and USE them in the flashlight. The glowing key opens the door to the Dr's #Control Room.

There is a fence door which leads further to the #Garage.


Items: tools, faucet handle

You reach the garage either from the #Pool or at the very end from the #Meteor Room.

At first it is closed. You can OPEN it with a kid who has worked out at #Ted's Room. Inside there is Edsel, Ed's car.

PICK UP the faucet handle from the shelf. UNLOCK the trunk with the yellow key from #Green's Room and PICK UP the tool box. If you USE the yellow key on the car it will start off, so be careful.

You can use the car at the end of the game. USE the Meteor in the trunk and then start the car with the yellow key.

First floor[edit]

Climbing the main staircase brings you to a closed door flanked by the portraits of the Edison couple. The other two doors lead to the #Music room and #Painting Room.

The door is usually the copy-protection for the game, but in some versions you can open it freely.

Copy protection will ask you to enter a code found in the game package. Entering a wrong code will make the Mansion's alarm go off. It will give you a limited time to type in a correct code before blowing up.

Bernard has a strange trait at this point: if he READs the warning sign, he will attempt to crack the security system and the Mansion will explode.

The main door leads to a blue hallway which has other doors and leads to the #Second floor.

Music Room[edit]

A room with a piano, a Victrola and a TV.

Syd/Razor/Wendy: TURN ON the TV and watch Mark Eteer's advertisement. The kid who is present will memorize the address given.

The following process is to acquire the old rusty key which opens the #Dungeon door and makes gameplay easier; if you think you don't need it, this is purely optional. Having the "tentacle mating calls" record from #Green's Room, USE it on the Victrola and now you can play it. USE the blank cassette tape (from the #Library) in the recorded, TURN ON and RECORD. You will hear a screaming sound which breaks the crystal vase. TURN OFF the devices and PICK UP the tape, which now you can use in the #Living Room to take the key.

After this process, and if you want to win the Syd/Razor scenario, return to this room, and set the cassette on RECORD as above. Then have Syd or Razor USE the piano and place some music song. After they finish, TURN OFF the recorder and PICK UP the cassette which you can show to Green. Note that if you do this, you can't record the "tentacle mating calls" any more, so if you need the old rusty key, make sure you get it before you give your tape to Green.

Painting Room[edit]

Items: wax fruit, paint remover

This room is where Dr. Fred attempted to make a portrait of the Meteor. Just PICK UP the bowl of wax fruit which Green's favorite food, and the paint remover.

Note that if you USE the paint remover on some object you will waste it.

Medical Lab[edit]

Items: manuscript

There is no need to visit this room unless you want to win the scenario with Wendy.

The room is dark so use WHAT IS to locate the lamp to TURN ON.

OPEN the desk and PICK UP the manuscript. You find the Meteor's memoirs which Wendy can improve and make a book.

There is a locked cabinet which is actually a red herring. Feel free to READ the Doctor's diplomas for some humor.


At first there is nothing to do at the Arcade room, since there is no power and you have no quarters.

When you have a kid fix the power at the #Wire room and have the quarter from Edna's #Safe Room, the games are usable but you don't have to do anything.

Wait for a cutscene at some random point where Dr. Fred is seen playing the "Meteor Mess" game. This scene will be seen only after you have fixed the wires and there is no kid in the arcade room. After this, you can go to the room and USE quarter in the coin box of the "Meteor Mess" game. The game is of course not playable but after the kid finishes playing you will see a high score screen. Notice the high-score achieved by Dr. Fred (randomly varies among 3301, 5858, 7572, 8640). The number is the combination to his #Control Room.

You may see again another cutscene with Dr. Fred playing. This means that the combination has been changed (unless you have already opened the secret door) and you must repeat the procedure.

If you need more quarters for whatever reason (eg. used it in a wrong game or want to see the new code), USE the small key from #Edna's Room on the game's coin box and retrieve your used quarter.

Second floor[edit]

Once you climb to the second floor, you will meet Green Tentacle. There is also a door leading to the #Dark Room. Note that Bernard is afraid and you can't interact with it, so SWITCH to another kid if need be.

Green wants to be fed. The hard way is to GIVE him all edible objects you found earlier in the #Kitchen ((lettuce, cheese, broken bottles of ketchup), the #Dining Room (old rotting turkey, week old roast) and the #Storage Room (tentacle chow, canned goods). Alternatively, and if Ed got the cheese before you, you can give the wax fruit from the #Painting Room (which makes all of the above items useless).

Then, GIVE him either the fruit drinks, or a jar of tap water (not radioactive water from the #Pool). It then leaves and lets you pass.

Dark Room[edit]

The developing lab is useful only if you want to win Michael's scenario. Make sure you already have the undeveloped film from #Outside (after you return Ed's package to him) and the sponge (from #Ted's Room) with developer fluid (from #Under House).

Use WHAT IS to locate the red light. Ignore the drawers that are locked. USE the sponge in the developer tray and then USE the undeveloped film. Watch Michael as he develops the photographs of Ed's plans. Now you can go back to his room and he will help you get rid of Purple.

Third Floor[edit]

The third floor is a corridor leading to the rooms of the Mansion's residents.

Fred's Room[edit]

Items: dime

The Doctor's room is always empty. There is a ladder which leads to Green's room.

Make sure you PICK UP the dime on the floor.

If you want to win Bernard's scenario, USE the radio tube (from the #Living Room in the tube socket. READ the poster and note the "Meteor Police" dial number (randomly varies among 0525, 1138, 1977, 3412, 9111). Now you can TURN ON the radio and USE it.

If you call the Meteor Police, the alien will give you limited time until you open the #Control Room's door. If you fail, you have other 3 tries, so make sure you are ready when you call him.

Green's Room[edit]

Items: record, demo tape, yellow key

Note that even Bernard can enter this room, although earlier he was afraid of Green Tentacle.

Green coes to you and tell how depressed he is for not getting his band started.

For now PICK UP the record labelled "tentacle mating calls", and also PICK UP the yellow key to the far right, which opens the car in the #Garage. You can listen to the record in the #Music Room

If you want to win as Syd/Razor, record your tape in the #Music Room and now GIVE it to Green. He will be impressed and will show you his demo tape which you must PICK UP. Go #Outside and post it to Mark Eteer. When the contract arrives, get back here and GIVE it to Green. Now he will consider his friend the kid who showed the contract, and will protect him/her from Purple.

Note that if you play the tape with the mating calls, he will be mad and rape you, killing the kid.

Edna's Room[edit]

Items: small key

Edna is always guarding her room and will run after any kid who approaches and take him/her to the #Dungeon. On her night stand there is a small key which may be needed in the #Arcade Room if you used up your single quarter. Further to the right there is a ladder leading to her #Safe Room.

Note that if you enter her room, she sees you and you exit immediately, she still might be able to follow you outside and catch you; quite unlike the #Kitchen where she disappears once you change room.

It is therefore imperative to distract her. Prepare 2 kids to be standing by her room. Have one kid (preferably the one owning the rusty key from the #Living Room) be caught by her, and while she takes him/her to the Dungeon, SWITCH to the other kid and enter her room. You will have some time to PICK UP the small key and climb to the safe room. The other kid then will have to escape.

If you have Bernard or Jeff, you can distract her by FIXing and USEing the phone at the #Library, and dialing the number seen in the #Bathroom.

Safe Room[edit]

Items: envelope

This attic is also dark, so use WHAT IS to locate and TURN ON the light.

There is a wall safe behind the painting, so OPEN the painting and notice the tiny number scrawled beneath it.

You have to both light up the room and open the painting in order for the number to be visible from the Observatory. You can send the kid to the Observatory, figure out the number, and then return here avoiding Edna in the process; so things will be simpler if you already have another kid waiting in the Observatory.

Once you figure out the number, OPEN the safe and type the combination (randomly varies among 0120, 1029, 1230, 3621, 4186). Do not OPEN the envelope inside or it will be ripped and become useless, and you can't win the Wendy/Syd/Razor scenario. You must follow the correct process and open it in the #Kitchen.

If you finish your job quickly enough, Edna will still be occupied. Or else, you might have to repeat the distraction process, or have the kid returning from the attic be caught and escape later.

Ed's Room[edit]

Items: hamster, green card, dimes (3)

Ed is initially hostile, so if he meets you he will take you to the #Dungeon. When he approaches you, he gives you some time to explain, so if you've got his package, you can GIVE it to him and he will befriend you. Also, you can avoid your capture if you GIVE him his hamster (if you have taken it earlier).

To win with Michael, you also must GIVE him the plans you developed in the #Dark Room.

In any case, you have to distract him in order to enter alone the room and PICK UP some things. Even if you have befriended him, he won't allow you to take things from his room, so you have to create a diversion:

  • Have a kid in #Ted's Room waiting there. Have another kid #Outside PUSH the doorbell, and Ed will go down to answer it; have the other kid then enter his room.
  • However if you already have given him the package he will ignore the ring, so you have to distract him in another way: have a kid enter his room, and as he takes him to the Dungeon, SWITCH to the other kid in Ted's Room and enter his room.

As always, make sure you don't have any kids waiting in the hallways while Ed is going down.

When Ed has left his room, quickly OPEN the piggy bank and PICK UP the 3 dimes (although you might need only one if you follow correct actions). Also PICK UP the hamster and PICK UP the key card behind it. Leave the room and enter Ted's before Ed returns.

Ted's Room[edit]

Besides some humor, the only useful thing in this room is the Hunk-O-Matic machine. If you have a kid USE it a couple of time s/he will become stronger and will be able to OPEN the grate #Outside and lift the #Garage door. If you have brought more than one kids here, have them use the machine to make gameplay easier.


Items: sponge

To the right is the bathroom. OPEN curtain to see cousin Ted inside, hiding something on the wall.

To win as Michael PICK UP the sponge to use it #Underground House.
If you want to distract Edna in the way of Bernard or Jeff, USE the faucet handle from the #Garage and USE it on the faucet and TURN ON. Ted will move (?) and if you TURN OFF the faucet you will see Edna's phone number. Note that since only Bernard and Jeff can fix the telephone in the #Library to use it, the above makes sense only if you can use them, and of course is optional.
The sink is a source of tap water, although this is of limited use as there is water in the #Kitchen and you can't use this sort of water anywhere else once you get here.

Plant Room[edit]

This is a room with a man-eating plant, a typewriter and a family portrait of the Edisons. Notice the inaccessible hatch on the ceiling and the strange paint blotch on the wall.

To win the Wendy scenario, have Wendy USE the manuscript (from the #Medical lab) in the typewriter and she will rewrite it as a novel.
To win the Wendy/Syd/Razor scenario, have the kid who has watched Mark Eteer's advertisement in the #Music Room, USE the undamaged envelope from Edna's #Safe Room on the typewriter and type the address for posting. Only the kid who has watched the advertisement can do this.

USE the jar or sponge with radioactive water (from the #Pool); the plant will mutate and grow up to the ceiling. If you use the sponge, the plant won't grow enough (presumably it holds less water than the jar) and you will have to repeat the process. Now GIVE the can of Pepsi to the plant and it will stop gnawing. You can use it as a ladder; the hatch above leads to the #Observatory.

Now USE the paint remover from the #Painting Room on the paint blotch to the right to reveal a hidden door which leads to the #Wire Room attic.


The Observatory has a dime-operated telescope which can reach 4 obscure positions. You need to have at least 2, or all 4 dimes from #Fred's Room and #Ed's Room (stolen from his piggy bank). USE a dime in the coin slot and the PUSH left or right.

Currently the telescope is set on the second position. The optimal sequence which allows you to see all 4 positions is: left (you see Mars and an angry alien), right (back to the present position), right, right (#Safe Room). Since you don't have to see the alien, you actually need only 2 dimes and PUSH right two times to see the Safe Room and read the tiny combination.

Note that in that position you may see only black, because the Safe Room is initially dark. A kid must go there and light up the room and OPEN the painting before you can see the combination from the Observatory. Through the telescope, the tiny numbers will be readable, and you can SWITCH to the other kid and OPEN the safe.

Wire Room[edit]

This room is also dark so use WHAT IS to find the light and TURN ON. This room has some exposed wires which are broken and don't give power to the arcade room.

In order to fix them you need the tools from the #Garage, the flashlight from the #Kitchen, with the fresh batteries from the radio in the #Pool.

You can't repair the wires while power is on so you have to send another kid to the #Cellar and TURN OFF the fuse box. You have limited time before the Mansion's reactor malfunctions and Purple is sent to the cellar and send the kid to the #Dungeon so you have to be quick.

SWITCH back to the kid in the attic, TURN ON the flashlight, and FIX the wires with the tools. Quickly SWITCH back to the kid in the cellar and move away to avoid Purple.

Now the Arcade Room will function.



Items: silver key

When you first enter the cellar it is dark so use the WHAT IS command to locate the switch and TURN ON. There is Fred's nuclear reactor here. Whenever you drain the #Pool or turn off the power, the Purple Tentacle will come here to check.

To the left there is a silver key which you must PICK UP as it opens the way to the backyard with the Pool and the #Garage.

There is also a fuse box which you can TURN OFF with a kid, and have another repair the broken wires at the #Wire room.


The Dungeon is where a kid goes whenever a Mansion resident (Ed, Edna or Purple) catch him. It is also the entrance to Dr. Fred's lab. You can avoid it if you are careful enough, and even if you don't, you can escape. Still you need to visit the Dungeon in order to access the lab at the end.

The Dungeon is also accessible through the left door in the #Cellar, unlocked with the old rusty key.

To escape from it, two prisoners are needed. Locate and PUSH the loose brick under the left window and the exit will automatically open for a few seconds. SWITCH quickly to the other kid and exit. Obviously, the other kid has to remain inside. The only way to freely access and escape the Dungeon is by getting the rusty key from the #Living Room.

To enter the Dr's lab you need the glowing key from the #Pool to UNLOCK the two padlocks, and then to OPEN it by typing the combination from the #Arcade Room.

The door must to be open if Bernard is to call the Meteor Police from #Dr. Fred's Room. In this case the alien policeman also drops his badge which you must PICK UP.

Once you enter the lab you won't be able to SWITCH to a new kid or save so make sure the kid who will enter has the following:

  • The key card from #Ed's Room.
  • The yellow key (optional in some scenarios)
  • You have given Ed the developed plans (Michael's scenario).
  • You are the kid whom Green accepted in his band; it won't help any other kid (Syd/Razor's scenario).
  • The publication contract from Mark Eteer (Wendy's scenario).
  • The badge dropped by the alien policeman (Bernard's scenario)

Control Room[edit]

This control room is the first room of the Dr's lab. It is guarded by the Purple Tentacle and there are several ways to go past it.

If you are the kid whom Green accepted in its band, it will come and chase Purple away.
If you have given Ed the developed plans, he will come and chase Purple away
If you have the publishing contract, GIVE it to Purple
If the Meteor Police has arrested the Meteor, GIVE the badge dropped by the alien policeman to Purple and it will let you in

Walk then to the door to the right and meet Dr. Fred.


In this room you find Dr. Fred and Sandy. Dr. Fred calls Purple but you got already rid of it. He then starts the Mansion's self-destruct mechanism and you have 2 minutes to do the rest of the job before Game Over.

Ignore the Pepsi machine and the buttons on the console. There is a red herring and you can buy a Pepsi using the quarter in the machine but there is nothing more.

Walk to the right and OPEN the locker and PICK UP the radiation suit which will protect you from the Meteor's rays. USE the key card in the card slot to enter the Meteor room.


This room is where you find the Meteor, the final boss; and there is also a switch through which the Meteor controls Dr. Fred.

Once inside approach the switch and TURN OFF. Dr. Fred will come back to his senses and will try to avert the self-destruct mechanism.

In Bernard's scenario, if the Meteor Police came and arrested the Meteor, the game ends here.

Having the radiation suit, proceed to the right through the Meteor's radiation rays.

In Wendy's scenario, GIVE Meteor the publishing contract. He will decide to give up his evil plans and become an author. Watch the funny epilogue.
If you have also called the Meteor Police earlier, you will see a funny alternative to the above epilogue.

If you have nothing of the above, make sure your kid has the yellow key. PICK UP the Meteor and walk to the right. USE the yellow key to open the car's trunk, USE Meteor in the trunk and then USE yellow key to turn on the car.

In the NES version you can instead walk your way to the man-eating plant and GIVE the Meteor to it.