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If you play Mario Tennis before, you may need a few more pointers that you need to know right off the bat.

  • Move around the court a lot. Especially with heavy characters as the rallies does get very hectic when you reach the harder part of the game.
  • Even though it makes little difference, you still have the option of making your character left handed. Basically it makes your angle of the shot easier if you say aim for the top right side of the field.
  • If your character has a star after going through the first three tournaments, it will enhance your characteristics slightly higher whether its power, speed, technique, tricky or all rounded.
  • If you are a casual gamer, choose "Easy" in the options if you don't want to use the left and right triggers when playing the game. The average and hardcore player can choose "Normal" and "Technical" to manually lunge for the ball and use the power of the shot.