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This is a story-based chapter, with no real threat. However, it is still a "fun house", which follows a straight path designed to invoke fear.

In this chapter, you are called by Mona to meet her at a fun house for the series Address Unknown. When you enter the fun house, you will need to head up the ramp. When you see the alley with two cars moving back and forth, head to the end of the alley, and follow the trail of blood.

You will hear a phone running from time to time. These are optional, only meant to influence the mood rather than to give the player information.

The trip through the house will bring you down a level, in the asylum and bathroom, and back up to the main floor. This will lead to a smoke-filled room with spinning floors. The exit here is forward and a turn to the left. The end of the fun house has a few loose panels on the left, which leads to the back area. Head down this corridor and up the steps. Mona's door is locked, and you will have to enter from the window. Enter her hideout, and finish the chapter by opening her shower door.