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Kobra is a great character for beginners and people who like a well balanced character when they are playing. Kobra combines both power and speed with his styles kickboxing and machete. This guide will tell you about kobra and give info on moves and styles.


This is a very easy style to master what with easy button inputs and damaging three hit combos. It is also home to one of the best pop up combos in the game which is done by pressing square then circle. This style's combos mainly are derived from the triangle button mixed mixed with the x and square buttons. The most interesting combo in this style is high thai legs which first kick the legs then kicks the face knocking them down and dealing about 17 percent damage. use this combo to surprise enemies when they block high since it first hits low.


The machete is a reskin of another weapon used by the character Asrah but that in no way makes it a bad weapon. It has the same combos as the weapon asrah uses but it does more damage. It is very easy to do high damaging air and ground combos in nearly any situtaion. An easy high damaging air combo is started by doing one of the two launcher moves then attacking them while their in the air with the kombo king thunder. A really easy combo to do is extreme fist which is fast and does about 16 percent damage in the correct conditions. It also has a sneaky trip attack in leg sweep where he sides steps his enemy and trips them with the sword.

Special moves[edit]

Kobras chi blast is a fairly basic projectile attack while crouching chi blast is the same thing only it aims low instead of high. Kobras windmill kick is a great popup starter and is great for starting air combos and attacking people who are crouching. Kobras teleport fist is a very risky move where he disappears in a cloud of smoke them appears on the other side of the enemy and punches them right in the face.This move is very slow to excute and can leave you open if it is blocked. use this mainly as a way to get away from death traps and to surprise your enemy. Kobras sliding fist has him slide forward and punch the enemy in the face. use this mainly to surprise the enemy and get closer to them so you can wail on them with combos.

Konquest Relic location[edit]

This is the very first relic you find and your an idiot if you miss it. its right in the middle of the path on the way to fight kobra.