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Namco Anthology 1
Box artwork for Namco Anthology 1.
Japanese titleナムコアンソロジー1
Release date(s)
Followed byNamco Anthology 2
SeriesNamco Anthology
TwitchNamco Anthology 1 Channel
This is the first game in the Namco Anthology series. For other games in the series see the Namco Anthology category.

This was the first of two compilation discs that Namco made for the PlayStation. Namco Anthology takes a cue from the Namco Museum series and collects classic Namco games together on one disc. Anthology differs from Museum in two ways. The first difference is that Anthology covers Namco games that were developed exclusively for home systems where as Museum focuses on games that Namco released in arcades. The second and biggest difference is that in addition to an accurate presentation of the original game, the disc also contains updated versions of each of the classics. These discs were only released in Japan and are very hard to come by. This volume contains the following games: