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The Challenge Series consists of 70 challenges (including the Burger King Challenge and the Black Edition Challenge) that the player can complete to unlock extra cars. Half of the challenges are Tollbooth Time Trials and the other half are Pursuit Challenges. The player drives a predetermined vehicle for each challenge and it cannot be changed or customized in any way. The challenges give the player a preset objective such as Trade Paint, Pursuit Evasion, Infractions, Spike Strip and Roadblock Dodging, and even Cost To State and Bounty challenges. The challenges get progressively tougher as you progress. Beating all 70 challenges will unlock a couple cars and Junkman parts for the Burger King Challenge. The Challenge Series contributes to 20% of the total game progression, so it does count toward a 100% game complete percentage.

Challenges 41-50 allow the player to drive such things as a pizza delivery car, a pickup truck, a minivan, police cars, a dump truck, and a cement truck.

Burger King Challenge[edit]

There is a code for unlocking an extra challenge, the Burger King Challenge (the start of the race is at a Burger King restaurant). Even though the icon for this challenge is a tollbooth icon, it is a Sprint race. If you enter this code at the start of the game, then you can play it right away. However, the gift that shows up in a message after the race says you have unlocked every Junkman performance part. However, they will still be locked until you complete all of the challenges.

For the Xbox 360 version, go to the title screen and enter this button combination: Up lstick, Down lstick, Up lstick, Down lstick, Left lstick, Right lstick, Left lstick, Right lstick. The directions can be pressed with either the left control stick or D-Pad. A message will pop up when you enter it correctly.

In this challenge you drive the BMW M3 GTR in a Sprint against 3 others. Heat Level 1 cops show up, and the race is pretty self-explanatory.

Black Edition Challenge[edit]

The Black Edition Challenge is only available for the Black Edition version of Most Wanted for PC, PS2, and the Xbox, (not the xbox 360). It places you in the wheel of the Camaro SS and you need to evade Supercharged SUVS after getting 500,000 bounty. You can simply turn around and go to the Rosewood stadium, to your right after the intersection, and then hit the pursuit breakers and you are done.