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The next title in the Need for Speed franchise has changed its roots from the illegal/ underground street racing scene to the closed track organized racing event.

In the game your player now has a name Ryan Cooper, who has been on the street racing scene for a while, but is an unknown driver in the organized racing events.

Career Mode[edit | edit source]

As you start up Pro Street the first thing that hits you in the face like a hard steel pan is that there is no more free roam like in Carbon and Most Wanted. Instead you are greeted by a "Race Day Map", that displays the gauntlet of race days and promotion events to your end goal of being Street King.

Each Event is made up of individual Race Days. These Race Days are made up of races of different disciplines such as Grip, Drag, Drift, and Speed.

The hardest part of the career is beating Ryo Watanabe in the first drift in Tokyo; you have to be a master to do this.

To Beat Ryo Watanabe in the first drift in Yokyo you can choose either a Mazda RX-7 or Nissan 350Z . Using Nissan Silvia also helps. Tune all these cars to the maximum and you can easily achieve scores between 3000-8500 depending on the track.

Ryo Watanabe is the best driver no doubt, but not for long. The first race is the hardest, but there's a way around it, you can enter the code unlock all things then go to the main menu, after reload your career. You will have 4 new cars, sell them all except the dodge viper. Then last but not least, upgrade your viper, all level 4 performance parts, then race Ryo Watanabe. You should beat him if not go back and increase your downforce on your body parts, (all the way) then go back and race him again.

Grip Events[edit | edit source]

Grip events are basically good old fashion circuit racing. This Discipline is challenging as the majority of the cars you are up against are a lot more powerful than you. The other events that form part of the Grip Style of Racing is:

Standard Grip Racing[edit | edit source]

Whatever car you bring to the track is what you race in. Nice to have but as said before some cars are often 100bhp or even 200bhp more powerful than you. The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is one of the best grip cars, and the fastest. Using the "unlock all things" cheat and putting level four parts in it will make it a monster.

Sector Shootout[edit | edit source]

This is also a fun new mode added to the game. Basically the track is divided into 4 sectors and whoever posts the faster sector time owns that sector. Be the fastest in all sectors and you earn a bonus for owning all sectors.

Time Attack[edit | edit source]

You basically compete in a race with 3 or more laps trying to achieve the best lap time and overall lap time. It's a very simple type of race and you just need to put the pedal to the metal and burn some rubber.

Grip Class[edit | edit source]

These are events whereby you are placed in one of Two Classes at the start of the race. This proves to be a good challenge whether you are in the faster or slower class as both classes are on the track at the same time. Being the faster Class of cars adds more of a challenge as you are placed behind the slower cars. It makes for really fun driving. You only have to win in your class.

Your first taste of driving at one of these events is Battle Machine. The really cool thing about Pro Street is that every team that organizes their events has a look and feel to them. As you will notice later on in the game, each team that sponsors these events have their own theme and music.