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Defeated Rank 9: "Dr. Peace"
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
15 Gamerscore points
Defeated Rank 9: "Dr. Peace"
You are recognized as Rank 9 on the UAA Ranking.

Dr Peace is the second boss and ninth ranked assasin. He uses dual golden revovlers though he never reloads and the fire rate is almost that of an automatic pistol.

The Easy Way to Defeat Dr. Peace

  1. Circle him closely. He is a pistol user so you can get as close as you want without any real worry. Circling him makes his attacks more easily dodged (some of which you may have to emergency dodge)
  2. AlWAYS emergency dodge his charge move (lets call it quick shot). Emergency dodge when you see him glow yellow
  3. Wrestling moves when he is stunned does more damage than finishing your combo.
  4. At the end of his fight he makes a last stand. You must press the button that shows up before Dr. Peace draws his pistol to end the match
The Destroy Warriors are nominating you for first place
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
10 Gamerscore points
The Destroy Warriors are nominating you for first place
Reflected Dr. Peace's unblockable Quick Shot with your Beam Katana

Dr. Peace gives you the 9th rank, an LB and vitality bonus and unlocks the Tsubaki Mk-I at Naomi's Lab

NOTE: Dr. Peace's "quick shot" can be deflected back by a properly timed slice. Trying this isn't a recommended strategy but will earn you an achievement/trophy in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.