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The first day at work and you would hope for a gentle warmup. And this time it is.

All you have to do, and can do, this day is to deny and accept entrants based on if they are an Arstotzkan citizen or not.

Just drag the passport underneath the stamp area, open the stamp box, ensure that the passport is roughly under the stamp and press the stamp. Then hand the passport back to the entrant.

With a little practice it should be easy to process entrants in mere seconds by just glancing at the passport to check the color. As such, replaying this day to build a solid starting amount of money is a good idea.

Preset entrants[edit]

Each day has some preset entrants, the first day is no exception. Days will not end until all preset entrants have been handled.

The first entrant is an Arstotzkan, so you should accept them. The second one is from Impor and should be denied. The third is from Republia and should also be denied. Number four is randomized. Number five just utters a remark and leaves on their own.