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For this first part of the game, you'll get to learn how the game works. But in this case, the main focus is to get you started with combat and schoolwork. Assuming you already met Sojiro, your caretaker and friend, the teacher and the principal. Not to mention, a mysterious app called the MetaNav, appear on your cell phone. You get to see Ann, Kamashido and Ryuji for the first time. Your adventure starts out once Ryuji says the codenames which is Kamashido, king of the castle and Shujin Academy.

Kamashido Castle Part One[edit | edit source]

To Ren and Ryuji's surprise, they've entered into a mysterious parallel world and the castle is in place of the school! To keep it short, your group gets captured by Shadow Kamashido and Ryuji gets beaten up. A mysterious voice calls on you to let out your persona, so to say as the mask appears and you ripped it out of your head as you scream. It will happen with other main characters later on, but this is how wacky it's going to get.

After taking the guards down and locking Shadow Kamashido in his own jail, before you escape, you're going to need one more person. Or actually one more mascot per se. There will be a black cat with a big head and standing on two feet named Morgana. Let him free as he'll tell you about this world. But you need to escape as Ryuji's persona hasn't come out yet. Follow Morgana's instruction as you follow the map, solve the bridge issue and deal with a few thugs before you leave this place.

Once Ren and Ryuji get back into the real world, they realize that they were late and Kamashido is not impressed. But you've got study at school today.

School Life Part One[edit | edit source]

The first part is to find the office which is on the second floor. Then you'll be introduced into your classroom. Obviously, you get to sit behind Ann! After school, you get to talk to Ryuji on the roof, above the third floor. He'll tell you about his backstory and you decide that Ryuji should come back to the "castle" after school using the MetaNav on your cell phone.

Kamashido Castle Part Two[edit | edit source]

You're back with your persona suit and Morgana meets up with you. Your team should go back to the dungeon as before. Make sure you look at all the jail cell where the "students" gets tortured so that Ryuji can remember their faces before they leave again. But yet again, your team confronts Shadow Kamashido as he taunts Ryuji this time. But your encouragement allows his persona to come out called Captain Kidd. Now you have a team, but you may need one more. So, you have to escape again after seeing his cognition of Ann!

School Life Part Two[edit | edit source]

Now you have a goal with Ryuji after giving him your backstory yesterday. But this walkthrough assumes you're only interested in finishing the game while ignoring side quests as much as you can. Anyway, find the volleyball boys around the Shujin Academy. After that fails, Ryuji suggests talking to the girls. Well just Ann and her best friend Shino. But Ann brushed that off too.

After school, you'll encounter Ann again, but she runs off after standing in for another model girl. Follow her and you'll catch her talking to her teacher on her cell phone. Looking sad, Ann finally opens up to you in a cafe. In summary, if she doesn't do what Kamashido says, Shino will get punished and won't be able to be in a volleyball team.

On the next school day, at lunch, you'll encounter Morgana, the black cat, telling your group whether to take the risk or not. During class, the unexpected happens: a student calls out that Shino is going to jump from the roof! Fortunately, she didn't die and manages to tell Ann that it was Kamashido who bullied her into submission. As she and Shino left for hospital, Mishima manages to run away. So, go after him around school and make him confess. This allows you, Ryuji and Mishima to go to Kamashido's office to confront him. But he gives you and ultimatum: marked in red, you have a number of days before you get expelled and its game over for you! Ann, who came back from the hospital wants to join in as well, but your group declined the offer. So, it's time to go to Kamashido's castle again.

Kamashido's Castle Part Three[edit | edit source]

As a surprise, Ann now has joined the group, but they manage to take her out of Metaverse for now. Now, continue exploring the castle until your team get to the treasure that hasn't been materialised yet. Don't forget your hookshot and save points that would help you in your dungeon quest. After all, those unique dungeons are similar to "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" in which each place has its themes.

Anyway, as your team leaves, Ann gets kidnapped, not knowing that she used the app to go back in again. Once you confront Kamashido again, this time you gave Ann courage, letting her persona, Carmen come out, making our group into a full team. Now that your team is complete, they all escape back to the subway station.

School Life Part Three[edit | edit source]

This arc is nearly over. Your team will make the first calling card. In red and in Japanese. Kamashido confronts your group as your date of expulsion comes near. Plus, the calling card effect only lasts a day. So, follow Morgana's instructions in preparing for battle by buying guns and armor. When your team is ready, let's go to Kamashido's castle one more time.

Kamashido's Castle Part Four[edit | edit source]

Before you confront the boss, visit the Velvet Room to create more monsters. But you can only do it within your level status. Skip to last save spot and save before confronting the boss. You'll encounter lots of stages in this so get ready to fight. Shadow Kamashido, will eventually turn into a scary monster, and it will take lots of time depending on the difficulty. Not to mention, Ann and Mishima cognition is there too. As soon as he's defeated, Ann will force him into submission and make him go back to his real self. This causes the castle to fall while Morgana grabs the treasure.

School Life Part Four[edit | edit source]

Depending on how many days left, it would be a good idea to up your stats by buying books, watching DVDs etc. Don't forget crosswords and answering teacher's question. Once the final day reaches, the unthinkable happens: Kamashido finally confess his crimes, admitting to bullying students and making Shihon jump from the top floor. Not only that, he allowed himself after being convinced by Ann to turn himself to the police to atone for his crimes.

As a final footnote, Morgana is Mona, Ryuji is Skull, Ann is Panther, and you, Ren Amamiya is Joker. Also, Shojiro is convinced you're keeping Morgana as a stray cat. Most of all, this is just the beginning.