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This part of the storyline takes place near the end before Ren Amamiya, aka Joker, gets captured by the security in Sae Nijima's Shadow Palace. For the sake of the walkthrough, assuming you have watched "The Animation", everyone will refer to the silent protagonist as Ren Amamiya. You may choose any name you want but Ren Amamiya is the default.

As the intro starts, in a Star Wars intro fashion, make sure you Agree to the narrator. Or else the game will end before you begin, forcing you to set your choices like choosing between English and Japanese voice acting before you really start playing this game.

Last of all, throughout the walkthrough, you get a lot of dialogue choices, similar to Sakura Wars So Long My Love though the system is slightly different and it's really typical in any anime games that involves a dating simulator.

Casino Escape[edit | edit source]

You'll start by going through the platform to the ceiling part of the area. Follow the tutorial and watch out for enemies. The enemies you see are as wacky as they get throughout the game. Along the way, the mysterious red hair girl will join you in a brief fight before you have to separate. When you reach the ceiling part, press a button near the edge to do several jumps near the colourful window. The only thing left is to jump out of the window. Note two things about this scenario: their faces are covered in darkness, and you'll be coming to this very place far later on as it's later revealed who really own this palace and it's a surprise.

Interrogate Me What?![edit | edit source]

After your character has been beaten down by the guys in suits, Nae comes in to interrogate you. This is your first chance to choose what you get to say. She wants you to tell her everything starting from the beginning six months ago, after you've been sent on probation on a charge from the past. The first arc after settling down with Sojiro Sakura's Coffee and Curry is the Shujiro Academy's PE teacher Kamashido, the famous but arrogant teacher who's been abusing children despite being a volleyball champion.

This will be the first time you meet Ryuji, Ann and Morgana, a unique black cat.

Also, this is where you put your name on. Again, the default name is Ren Amamiya, from "The Animation". Lastly, you have to choose a difficulty. Safety is for newcomers who wants to just enjoy the story and you can retry in the middle of the battle. Easy, Normal and Hard are self-explanatory without retrying in the middle of battle. Merciless is like hard in but with alternate rules while maintaining a challenging difficulty. Once that's all done, let's get the show on the road!

Special note: There is at least two differences between this game and the animation. The exclusive characters like the counsellor and Kasumi are not part of the animation. And unless you have kids around, this game has foul language while the animation doesn't. So, if you're playing this game, be careful not to let the kids catch you with the s bombs and f bombs as they're a bad influence on them.