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Picross 3D
Box artwork for Picross 3D.
Developer(s)HAL Laboratory
Release date(s)
Nintendo DS icon.png Nintendo DS
System(s)Nintendo DS
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
TwitchPicross 3D Channel

Picross 3D, known in Japan as Rittai Picross (立体ピクロス Rittai Pikurosu, lit. "Solid Geometry Picross"), is a nonogram puzzle game released for the Nintendo DS by HAL Laboratory. It is a follow-up to Picross DS.


The game keeps the same general idea of Picross, though in translating it to 3D some aspects have been changed. Rather than filling in squares to create an image, the player must destroy cubes in each row and column to create a 3D shape at the end out of the remaining squares. Most rows and columns features a number on the cubes which tells how many there should be when the image is finally completed, while circled numbers indicate that the total number of cubes are divided into groups rather than listing multiple numbers. Players can switch between a paintbrush to paint cubes that will stay, and a hammer that breaks them. If the player breaks a cube that is meant to be part of the final image, they are given a strike and if the player receives five strikes, they must start the puzzle over. Once a 3D image is completed, the player will be rewarded with a short animation regarding the image, and it will be placed into a themed collection, encouraging players to complete each collection. During standard puzzles, up to three stars are awarded based on the player's performance (completing the puzzle within a certain time limit and with no strikes earns maximum stars) which unlock additional bonus puzzles in each level. In between certain levels are "One-Chance Challenges", where players make just one mistake and they're out, "Time Challenges", which require players to quickly chip away cubes to extend their time limit, and "Construction Challenges" in which multiple puzzles are completed to form one giant image. Bonus animations can also be unlocked under certain conditions, such as completing each difficulty setting.

Players are able to create their own puzzles and share them over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, as well as download other players' puzzles.

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