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You'll first be told to take name. After choosing your name and watching the introductory cutscene, you will stop at the Outskirt Stand. Enter what appears to be a train engine to see a news report about Team Snagem's hideout being destroyed. Speak with the Pokémon trainer near the back of the bar, and leave.

Rider Willie will come with you, and challenge you to your first battle. Your two Pokémon, Umbreon (lvl. 26) and Espeon (lvl. 25) will assist you:

All battles in Pokémon Colosseum are 2 vs. 2, but the enemy will not inflict much damage.

After the battle, Rider Willie will recommend you visit Phenac City. You can return to the bartender to purchase items:

  • Antidote: $100
  • Awakening: $250
  • Burn Heal: $250
  • Ice Heal: $250
  • Paralyze Heal: $250

These items will arrive only after you get the free 5 Poké Balls from the shopkeeper, when prompted to purchase Poké Balls.

  • Poké Balls*: $200
  • Premier Ball: Purchase 10 Poké Balls
  • Full Heal*: $600
  • Great Ball*: $600
  • Net Ball: $1000

These will arrive after you get your first E-Mail from Duking.

  • Timer Balls**: $1000
  • Ultra Balls**: $1200
  • Nest Ball**: $1000