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At the first step, you'll see a cutscene where two shady guys are carry a moving bag. They notice you and then comes a battle.

They will run away and you will have to open the bag. A girl will be in the bag. She will ask your name, then she will tell you her name. You can change it to anything you want. The girl mentions something about seeing strange Pokémon, and the townspeople tell you to head to the mayor's house. The house is up the stairs and to the left. When you try and enter the mayor's house, a strange guy comes out and mentions something about meeting again, then he leaves.

When you get to the mayor, the girl tells him about the strange Pokémon and he will tell you to go to the Colosseum. You go there, and the receptionist says that the event has been canceled. Head outside, and you'll encounter your friends from Team Snagit; they want the snag machine back, and will take it from you by force.

After the battle, you will need to purchase new Poké Balls. As you learn from the shop, you need to return to Outskirt Stand to get a free pack of five, as well as to purchase additional balls.

On your return, you will learn that some men entered the mayor's house.

Try to capture the Makuhita with your Poké Balls. If you want to weaken it first, you should avoid using Espeon's confuse attack against it. It is better to use Secret Power for moderate damage, or Bite for a light scratch.

When you leave, there are three troops blocking the edits. Defeat one of them to continue.


  • Fun Old Man Drig (front of town, on the right)
  • Roller Boy Kaib (behind upper right building)

Defeating Rolley Boy Kaib gives you the TM41, Torment.

Pre Gym[edit]

The Pre Gym is the first Pokémon training center in the game. Before getting a full party of six Pokémon, you can only perform the first four battles.

  • Cooltrainer Botan - Grass type
  • Coolltrainer Liqui - Water type

Defeating Lady Gwin gives a White Herb reward.

Also within the Pre Gym, you can speak with the teacher on the left to receive upgrades to the PDA.


The following items are available on the first and second floors of the Poké Mart:

  • Potion: 300
  • Super Potion: 700
  • Antidote: 100
  • Burn Heal: 250
  • Ice Heal: 250
  • Awakening: 250
  • Parlyz Heal: 200
  • Full Heal: 600
  • Guard Spec: 700
  • Dire Hit: 650
  • X Attack 500
  • X Defend: 550
  • X Speed: 350
  • X Accuracy: 950
  • X Special: 350

You cannot purchase Poké Balls here; you need to return to Outskirt Stand for them.