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TM01 Focus Punch: Pyrite Colosseum Battle 1

TM02 Dragon Claw: Bottom Colosseum Battle 4

TM05 Roar: Pyrite Colosseum Battle 3

TM06 Toxic: Complete Pyrite Colosseum

TM07 Hail: Pyrite Colosseum Battle 2

TM10 Hidden Power: Under Shop

TM11 Sunny Day: Phenac Stadium Battle 2

TM12 Taunt: Bottom Colosseum Battle 1

TM13 Ice Beam: Poké Coupon (4000 pts)

TM14 Blizzard: Under Shop

TM15 Hyper Beam: Under Shop

TM16 Light Screen: Under Shop

TM17 Protect: Under Shop

TM18 Rain Dance: Phenice Stadium Battle 1

TM19 Giga Drain: Phenice Stadium Battle 3

TM20 Safeguard: Under Shop

TM22 Solarbeam: Phenice Stadium Battle 4

TM23 Iron Tail: Under Colosseum Battle 4

TM24 Thunderbolt: Poké Coupon (4000 pts)

TM25 Thunder: Under Shop

TM26 Earthquake: Research Lab

TM27 Return: Defeat Pre Gym Leader in Phenice City

TM29 Psychic: Poké Coupon (3500 pts)

TM30 Shadow Ball: Under Colosseum Battle 3

TM31 Brick Break: Pyrite Colosseum Battle 4

TM32 Double Team: Poké Coupon (1500 pts)

TM33 Reflect: Under Shop

TM35 Flamethrower: Poké Coupon (4000 pts)

TM36 Sludge Bomb: Under Colosseum Battle 2

TM37 Sandstorm: Under Colosseum Battle 1

TM38 Fire Blast: Under Shop

TM41 Torment: Defeat Rollerboy Mikey in Phenice City

TM44 Rest: Bottom Colosseum Battle 3

TM45 Attract: Under Studio

TM46 Thief: Pyrite Town Jail

TM47 Steel Wing: Defeat 10 in Mt. Battle

TM48 Skill Swap: Bottom Colosseum Battle 2

TM49 Snatch: Minor B's Hideout