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Going into the episodes unprepared can get you killed a few times. Warlords will actually get stronger and will take over your countries frequently. These tips will help you make the battle on Ransei much easier than usual. With these tips, you will know what to do and what not to do when facing off with enemies on Ransei. Much sure to read all of them if you can so that you know how to play the game.

Keep on the Pressure[edit]

Every time that you start your first turn in a story, always attack a nation that is weaker than you. Don't be spending time just getting new warriors or upgrading your nation, unless you need warriors to expand your 6 man team. You'll be getting warriors as you conquer them and defeat the warlords, there may be time where you won't get a warrior in a few episodes or need to conquer two nations to defeat them, in that case, getting warriors may be a good idea. Every time you win a battle, you gain a few levels for your team. This is good because the warlords don't usually attack during the beginning part of the battle. By the time they actually start attacking, you'll have strength around the thousand while they are stuck at around 200 to 300. This will make taking over the region so much easier and you don't have to worry about losing to them at that point.

Build up Before you Attack[edit]

Enemy warlords will not attack at all during the first three months of the game. They won't attack until April of year 1. This gives you plenty of time to conquer nations and take care of the warlord that will be a threat in the future around you.

Grinding for Evolution[edit]

Some episodes, like Ieyasu, don't involve conquering all nations to win a game. once you conquer all nations, the game will continue as normal until you satisfy the condition in the story. With this, you can get the evolution for all your warlords and Pokemon is possible, save for a few warlords that can't evolve unless they met another conditions. One major issue that you might have with this is that it takes a very long time. Particularly for a goal like getting Registeel, this strategy can take many, many years, and this is assuming you micromanage your entire army. In this situation, it is advised to get very intelligent and conservative when it comes to defending your kingdoms, as well as leaving as many enemies as possible so that you can constantly defend your kingdoms. Each Pokemon that defends will gain about 3-4% per skirmish, meaning that you can get incredible gains. Some warlords have more than just reach a certain link percentage for their best Pokemon. Some, like Masamune and Nobunaga, can evolve only in their episode and some needs a certain warlord in the same nation as them. Check out the Evolving Warlord page for more details.

Divide and Conquer[edit]

If the enemy is attacking your nation every turn and can't seem to stop them from doing so (Not enough warriors or weak warriors), If your current team is super strong, you can divide your team so that you can take two nations in one turn, this can also help you take over the nations in end game quickly than doing in one by one. A major advantage to this is that you get to use the item "Guardian charm", which costs 10,000 gold and can only be bought from the traveling merchant, but it means you can single-handedly conquer nations. Some nations, like Greenleaf, Illusio, and Terrera, are very troublesome for this strategy, because they have very distant banners and very few turns to get them in, so try to avoid this strategy there. Dragon Rage is also more dangerous than ever before, as a single hit can dash any chance of victory, even at high links. Alternatively, the AI is very bad at coordinating their attacks consistently, so it is very possible to let them keep attacking your nation, and station only the bare essentials for a time out victory; this will net you around 3-4% link per Pokemon, and works really well on stages like Greenleaf and Avia, though six Pokemon will rip through Greenleaf.

Beware of Dratini, Gible, Axew and Deino[edit]

Why should you be scared of these Pokemon? These Pokemon know Dragon Rage. May not seem like a bad attack, but it does a fixed damage of 40 every time. During the beginning of the story, these Pokemon can be monsters since they can most likely kill you in one hit. The only good thing about them is that they only have around a 70% accuracy against most Pokemon early on, which has the side effect of making it worthless for you to use Dragon Rage, considering how much luck is skewed in the AI's favor. You should avoid attacking a nation that has any of these Pokemon until you are strong enough to withstand a few hits of dragon rage.

So now that you got some information regarding what to do on the episodes, head over to the Episodes page and start playing.