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Your first Pokémon

As you start the game an intro starts playing that is showing how toy Pokémon work. You will be given a Rattata, a mouse-like Pokémon! After that you must go to the Battle Royal. You may want to read the rules if you are new to the game. You start off as Rank C.

Lets Train![edit]

The Battle Royal is very hard the first time you try. Unfortunately, you will be forced to lose. After losing the battle your Pokémon will be taken back to your home. There you will find a trampoline as it falls from the sky. Jump on the trampoline to go to the Silent Forest.

Run around and go look for Pokémon. When you find one make sure to attack using 2 button. After defeating an enemy Pokémon it will turn into coins! Make sure to collect them. You should see a Pikachu somewhere. Kill it and it should faint. Touch it to collect it. Now you can switch Pokémon! Press 1 button and select Pikachu to switch to it.

Keep walking through Silent Forest to try and defeat as many Pokémon as you can. Important: you should always use your strongest Pokémon. If your toughest Pokémon dies, use the second strongest, and so forth. Be careful because if all of your Pokémon faint, you will get a Game Over! If just one dies, don't worry because the Pokémon will come back to life after battle!

After a while of fighting Pokémon in the forest you should encounter a giant Ivysaur. He shouldn't be too hard to defeat; just keep attacking him. Once defeated, the Ivysaur should drop lots of coins and faint. This Ivysaur is collectible, so take it as your strongest Pokémon!

Jump on the trampoline to leave. Now you can look at all of the Pokémon you collected. Again, the most powerful one is the one you should use the most.

Now you have unlocked more levels, plus lots of machines that you can use! You can spend your coins at the Move Changer to change your Pokémon's move. Important: if a Pokémon move that will be changes is Sleep, don't change it! You can't go back to the Battle Royal unless you have a level 100 Pokémon, so go to the Rocky Cave to start your journey.

Rocky Cave[edit]

You should find lots of Clefairy and Machop here. Continue collecting and defeating Pokémon. You can also find Ekans here. If you collect an Ekans, you should use it for the next boss battle.

When you have made it to the boss battle where you face Arbok, be careful because it has a very strong move! Try to avoid it. The battle will be straightforward, like with Ivysaur, so pummel Arbok with your best moves. Collect Arbok and move on.

After coming home, go to the Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach[edit]

When you've made it to Sunny Beach there will be no time to relax. Continue collecting Pokémon! There is no new strategy for doing this, so do what you have been doing.

Here you will find the following Pokémon: Magikarp, Polliwag, Tentacool, Shellder, Squirtle, and the boss: Wartortle. Wartortle's moves aren't very tough and unfortunately it is not collectible.

After clearing this area, head onwards to Windy Prairie.

Windy Prairie[edit]

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