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Fighter Hayabusa[edit]

Pro Wrestling Fighter Hayabusa.png
Pro Wrestling Portrait Hayabusa.png

This is a wrestler from Japan. Besides making full use of orthodox techniques, he is also an expert at the Back Brain Kick. Although it is extremely difficult, when it does work, its force is tremendous. In order to perform it successfully, you should be approximately one half of your opponent's height below him (Hayabusa's head will be level with his opponent's waist). Otherwise he will miss and fall to the floor stunned. This character was designed and based on a real and legendary wrestler, Antonio Inoki from Japan. Hayabusa looks very similar to Antonio, and the Back Brain Kick was the finishing move that made Inoki famous.

Back Brain Kick
Pro Wrestling Back Brain Kick.gif
A button while standing close, yet below the opponent.

Star Man[edit]

Pro Wrestling Star Man.png
Pro Wrestling Portrait StarMan.png

Star Man is very mysterious. No one knows precisely where he comes from or how old he is. However, this wrestler is reminiscent of some of the famous wrestlers from Mexico. He's good at the acrobatic techniques derived from traditional Mexican wrestling. The audience gets a real thrill when they see him use the Somersault Kick.

Somersault Dropkick Flying Cross Chop
Pro Wrestling Somersault Dropkick.gif Pro Wrestling Flying Cross Chop.gif
Down dpad+A button while grappling. A button while running.

Kin Corn Karn[edit]

Pro Wrestling Kin Corn Karn.png
Pro Wrestling Portrait KinCornKarn.png

This wrestler is from Korea. He's good at Karate style techniques. Although his moves are comical to see, he puts his weight behind them and really inflicts a lot of damage. He is the oldest wrestler out of the ones that you can choose, and he uses his experience and years as a wrestler to his benefit. Rumors say they he is related to an ancient ruler in Korea.

Karate Kick Mongolian Chop
Pro Wrestling Karate Kick.gif Pro Wrestling Mongolian Chop.gif
A button while standing. B button while standing.

Giant Panther[edit]

Pro Wrestling Giant Panther.png
Pro Wrestling Portrait GiantPanther.png

This is a powerful wrestler from the USA. In the Iron Claw technique, he grasps his opponent's face with his big hands. With the Head Butt, he butts you with his hard forehead. As a tan, muscular, blond wrestler from the United States, he is designed to invoke memories of the immortal Hulk Hogan. His moves may be basic, but they are powerful.

Iron Claw Head Butt
Pro Wrestling Iron Claw.gif Pro Wrestling Headbutt.gif
Left dpad+A button or Right dpad+A button while grappling. Down dpad+A button while grappling.

The Amazon[edit]

Pro Wrestling The Amazon.png
Pro Wrestling Portrait Amazon.png

This wrestler wears a mask and his nationality is unknown. His fighting style is just as bizarre as his look. He uses illegal techniques like biting and attacking with deadly weapons whenever the referees aren't watching. Some of his moves cause the opponent to bleed.

Piranha Bite Outlaw Choke
Pro Wrestling Piranha Bite.gif Pro Wrestling Outlaw Choke.gif
Left dpad+A button or Right dpad+A button while grappling. Down dpad+A button while grappling.

King Slender[edit]

King Slender
King Slender
King Slender portrait
King Slender portrait

This wrestler is from the USA. He's able to use a variety of techniques including the deadly Backbreaker techniques (referred to by the fans as the Slender Bender). He lifts opponents up and break their backs over his knee. Like Giant Panther, this wrestler brings to mind another real life wrestler. With his blond hair, fair skin, and a bit on the heavy side, he is modeled after Ric Flair. And just like Ric Flair, he is a great technical wrestler.

Pro Wrestling Backbreaker.gif
A button while grappling.

Great Puma[edit]

Great Puma portrait
Great Puma portrait

Very little is known about Great Puma. He is the mystery champion of the "VFW" and he is very strong. The Great Puma can make full use of every wrestlers' original techniques. He is a powerful opponent. Instead of just rashly grappling with him, you should try to injure him by fighting outside the ring or using deadly Flying techniques.