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Here are some of the techniques necessary for certain victory over your opponents. First, use the more subtle techniques like the Body Slam, Punches, or Rolling Sobats to gradually wear down your opponent's strength. Then, use the Lariat, or Backdrop to further weaken your opponent and finally, break him with Brainbusters or Piledrivers. Each of the wrestlers have individual weaknesses. You have to learn these weaknesses and plan your punches accordingly.

Let him out of the ring[edit]

Pro Wrestling Flying Body Splash.gif

If you don't come back into the ring within 20 seconds, you will lose. However, you can wrestle outside the ring as long as you stay within the 20-second time limit. If you beat him well and go back into the ring alone, then victory is yours!

Throw your opponent out of the ring using the Body Slam and Brainbuster throws. When your opponent is lying on the floor outside the ring, go back to the center of the ring. Hold down A button and press the control pad twice quickly in the direction of your opponent. You will use the Plunger attack from the ring on to your downed opponent who is below the ring. Use B button to pull up your downed opponent and throw him against the side of the ring. Leave your downed opponent and go back into the ring alone. This way you will have certain victory.

Jump from the corner post[edit]

You can also jump down from the top of a corner post onto your downed opponent. This technique does quite a lot of damage to your opponent. However, there are two points that you need to keep in mind. First of all, if you stand on the post for more than five seconds, you will lose the match on a foul. Also, it's quite possible for your downed opponent to dodge your attack.

When you down your opponent near the corner, go up onto a corner post. If you press A button while you are up on the corner post, you can attack your downed opponent. If you press B button while you are on the top corner post, you can execute a Flying Knee Drop. This one really hurts! However, if your opponent successfully dodges your attacks, the one to get hurt will be you!

Don't use Brainbuster too early[edit]

Pro Wrestling Brainbuster.gif

You shouldn't try to use the Brainbuster against your opponent during the beginning of the match. Use the Brainbuster after you've injured him and he is weak. An early attack is dangerous.

If you use the Brainbuster right at the beginning of the match, although you try to lift your opponent, you just can't. When it begins to look like you are failing in your effort, you suddenly find that you are being lifted up by your opponent instead! So, you end up being downed in spite of all your efforts. Brainbuster really works!

Push B for more moves[edit]

The way to victory is to apply your techniques and wear down your opponent. You don't want to waste time waiting for him to get back up every time you've downed him. When you are near the downed opponent, press B button and force him to get up.

After you down your opponent, don't wait! Just press B button and you can force him to get up. Grapple with your opponent when he staggers up from the mat and then apply your next technique.

Mash the buttons to rise[edit]

If you are knocked down, don't lie there waiting for something else to happen. Start pressing every button as rapidly as you can. If you are quick enough, you can rise to your feet before your opponent has a chance to react. This will also help you roll out of the way if you are about to be attacked from the top ropes.

If you find yourself being pinned to the mat by your opponent, press the buttons as rapidly as possible in order to avoid being counted out. The more tired you are, the harder it will be to push your opponent off and stop the count. Don't give up. You might pull of a narrow escape.