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Melee weapons[edit]

  • The Omniwrench is your starting melee weapon. You can swing it in a jumping, a one-two-three combo, or you can toss it like a boomerang. It can also be upgraded. In addition, it is useful for grabbing out of reach bolts with the boomerang.
  • The Walloper resembles a large punching glove. It's first available on Gaspar for 7500 bolts. One punch is three times as powerful as a strike with the Omniwrench.

Ranged weapons[edit]

  • The Bomb Glove is your other starting weapon. Though it has a somewhat of a short range, it deals some limited splash damage and is still effective in the early stages of the game.
  • The Pyrociter is a flamethrower with tiny range. At first in the game it is very useful, but later in the game you might need to use something stronger.
  • The Suck Cannon is a long range weapon. You suck up as many enemies as you want, then you fire each enemy as a hurtling projectile.
  • The Blaster is a long ranged weapon. You can either go for using rapid fire or fire a single shot by itself to be more precise.

Other weapons[edit]

  • The Taunter is a gun-shaped device which makes noises that itimidate enemies, making them come closer to you.
  • The Mine Glove is a pretty powerful weapon. You can throw a few mines at a time. If an enemy goes near a mine the mine will follow it until it hits.
  • The R.Y.N.O is a very powerful weapon that fires a barrage of missiles at the target.