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The effect in parenthesis only applies the first time you consume the item.


Shopkeeper: Marian (Double Dragon)

Item Price Effect
Choker $75.00 Extra 5% damage to grounded enemies
Fishnet Top $45.00 Extra 5% damage dealt with throwing attacks
Smart Watch $55.00 Extra 5% damage when fighting students
Virtual Pet $75.00 Extra 1 heart for each recruit

Pay Lots[edit]

Item Price Effect
Aloe Drink $20.00 Replenish Stamina 15 percent (+1 AT)
Grapples $20.00 Replenish Stamina 20 percent (+1 AG)
Baguette $23.00 Replenish Stamina 25 percent (+1 ST)
Milk $30.00 Replenish Stamina 30 percent (+1 ST, +1 SP)

Legal Drugs[edit]

Item Price Effect
Bandages $20.00 Replenish Stamina 40 percent
Aspirin $23.00 Replenish Stamina 50 percent
First Aid $28.00 Replenish Stamina 60 percent
Vitamin K Tonic $15.00 Replenish Stamina 20 percent

Book Bistro[edit]

Item Price Effect
Thrillhouse (Book) $180.00 Makes household weapons not break when held (+2 WP)
Funstruction (Book) $180.00 Makes construction weapons not break when held (+2 WP)
Jock Journal (Book) $180.00 Makes sports weapons not break when held (+2 WP)
Joy of Toys (Book) $180.00 Makes toy weapons not break when held (+2 WP)

The books are only effective in your inventory. To get the +2 WP bonus you have to "use" them, which removes them from your inventory, so the weapon durability disappears.

Merlin's Mystery[edit]

Its location is not marked on the map, but it's in the Tunnel to Ocean Heights. Press the light attack button in front of a boarded-up wall with papers on it.

Item Price Effect
Bunny Button =;3 $5000.00 Must go faster
Tank Button $5000.00 Super stronk super slow