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A beta of the SNES version has found its way onto the Internet. It seems to play largely like the retail version of the game, with only minor changes and bugfixes having occurred since then. The beta version is most easily identifiable on the title screen, where it will say "Rock & Roll Racing" (note the ampersand) at the bottom, instead of "Rock N' Roll Racing" at the top.

Some notable differences:

  • The difficulty levels were "Rookie", "Advanced", and "Expert", not "Rookie", "Veteran", and "Warrior".
  • The Marauder was originally the Dirt Devil, the Dirt Devil was originally the Commando, and the Air Blade was originally the Marauder.
  • Inferno can be accessed on Vs. Mode without any code. Using the Inferno/Olaf code while at Inferno will instead allow you to select an area named "Money Powerup". It appears to be Chem VI with trippy graphics, and the graphics will be screwed up for the rest of the game. It's not clear what its purpose as there is no need for money in Vs. Mode. Possibly it is a relic from an earlier version. By the way, the "Bad Guy" / "Leader" / "Owner of the purple car" of this glitchy planet is RIP
  • There is no more 2 divisions per planet. You'll just race all tracks and move on (or not, if you didn't have enough points)
  • There is no "space travel" animation when you pass from one planet to another
  • The passwords do not work at all
  • Bear Claw Mines on Inferno don't seem to do anything.
  • Prices are different. The Dirt Devil and Commando (now Marauder and Dirt Devil) still have their usual price, but the Marauder (now Air Blade) costs only $35,000 and not $70,000. The rule of the thumb here is that everything costs half of the retail version price. But thats due to the fact that on the beta version you only have one division.
  • Upgraded items are kept when you buy newer cars (if they're available for that car, of course)
  • The Battle Tank is available only on the fourth planet
  • You could play through the whole game on the "Rookie" difficult level. On the retail, the "Rookies" stop at the third planet
  • Prizes were smaller. First place still gets $10,000, but second gets only $5000 and third gets a mere $2000, instead of $7000 and $4000 respectively. Points are still the same.
  • Larry "Supermouth" Huffman does not announce the winners of a race. ("Snake scores a first place knockout!...")
  • Sometimes the tracks get a little bit "misplaced". The track format is still the same, but it's like if the graphics are a little further than they should be, meaning that you'll hit walls on the middle of the track and also be able to race outside the track, depending on how severe the misplacement currently is
  • There are some other minor, nitpicky differences, such as things appearing in a different order, when buying your first car you default to blue and not red, etc.