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Your ZX Spectrum's keyboard is the only control you need to play; however, unlike in Creative Sparks's Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau you will have to type in the commands for your unidentified Scutter (in the actual Red Dwarf series, their name was spelled "Skutter" and only two were ever seen) yourself then push Enter to activate them. To make the Scutter move in one of the available directions listed on the screen, type in the initial of the direction you wish it to go, then press Enter (if you try to make it move in a direction it cannot go, it will say Ouch!! You've just driven your Scutter into a wall!) and to make it pick up one of the objects it sees on the screen, type in "TAKE (OBJECT NAME)" then press Enter, to which it shall reply Okay. - and it can also drop an object it is carrying if you type in "DROP (OBJECT NAME)" and press Enter, but if you give it an invalid command, it will say Obviously that command was too detailed for the Scutter to understand. (I couldn't suss it out either!). (the second part being a message to the player from designer Simon Avery). Other commands your Scutter recognises include EAT, DRINK, TALK, SALUTE, GIVE, INSERT, EXAMINE, KILL, USE, WASH, MEND, THROW, TOW, WAKE, WATCH, KICK, CHARGE, TYPE, SHOOT, FLY, LAND and POUR; it can also understand the additional single letters D (for DOWN), G (same as TAKE), L (for LOOK, which will return the screen to its original state), U (for UP), and X (same as EXAMINE). The reason why the single letter X was used as a shortened substitute for EXAMINE is because E had already been taken by the initial letter of "east".