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Areas 1-7[edit]

  • Areas one through seven of the first four zones are fairly identical in all respects except for layout. They each contain the following elements; collectible items, trap doors, enemies, a potion, and a shop. Every collectible item in the area must be picked up in order to open the trap doors at the bottom of the stage. The trap doors allow Kogure to travel between different areas. A rough sketch of how each area is connected is shown in the description of each zone below.
  • Every area contains three types of enemies. Two are destructible and spawn from the top of the screen. They fall down to the platforms below until they pass over one of the pits and disappear. Up to four such enemies can occupy an area at one time. The third type of enemy is an indestructible enemy that simply moves back and forth, either horizontally or vertically. Shooting them does no good except to stall them and to reverse their direction.
  • Each area contains one potion, and more can be purchased at the shop, which can be accessed by touching an icon that looks like a person's eye. In the shop, you can buy a potion for $10, a weapon upgrade for $20, and an instrument for $30. In order to ensure that you acquire every instrument, be sure to purchase one before you reach area 8, as you will not have the ability to buy anything there, nor can you return to the previous areas.

Area 8[edit]

  • The eight area of every zone is distinct in a few regards. There are collectible items and enemies just as there are in other stages, but there is no potion or shop entrance. The trap door to Area 8 will remain closed until all the other areas have been completed.
  • Instead, there is a knight-like enemy and three caskets. The knight-like enemy wanders back and forth and tosses magic rings up into the air. The knight can be defeated by continuously throwing weapons at it, but you must hit it in the back. By hitting it from the front, the weapon is absorbed by the shield. Try to remove this enemy as quickly as possible if health permits.
  • To complete this area, you must collect every item in the stage. Once you do this, you can then open the three caskets. The third and final casket that you open will contain a key. Collect the key and run to the cage where your band mate is held to free him and advance to the next zone.


Zone 1: Jail[edit]

Seikima II Zone1 map.png The first Zone takes place in the woods as you attempt to rescue Jail O'hashi. Focus on learning the jump mechanics and keeping your life points high.

Important: do not enter the gate to stage 1-6 before clearing 1-3 and 1-5, otherwise the game will freeze.

Enemies: Seikima II Stage1 EnemyA.png Seikima II Stage1 EnemyB.png

Horizontal floater: Seikima II Stage1 EnemyC.png

Instrument: Seikima II Item Guitar.png

Seikima II Stage1.png

Zone 2: Raiden[edit]

Seikima II Zone2 map.png The second Zone takes place high in the clouds as you attempt to rescue the drummer Raiden Yuzawa. Watch out for the innocent looking balloons.

Enemies: Seikima II Stage2 EnemyA.png Seikima II Stage2 EnemyB.png

Horizontal floater: Seikima II Stage2 EnemyC.png

Instrument: Seikima II Item Drums.png

Seikima II Stage2.png

Zone 3: Ace[edit]

Seikima II Zone3 map.png The third Zone takes place inside of ancient ruins where guitarist Ace Shimizu is held captive. The floatign enemies now move vertically instead of horizontally.

Enemies: Seikima II Stage3 EnemyA.png Seikima II Stage3 EnemyB.png

Vertical floater: Seikima II Stage3 EnemyC.png

Instrument: Seikima II Item Guitar2.png

Seikima II Stage3.png

Zone 4: Xenon[edit]

Seikima II Zone4 map.png The fourth Zone appears to takes place in a haunted graveyard where you must rescue your final band mate, Xenon Ishikawa. By now, you should be very familiar with the mechanics of the game.

Enemies: Seikima II Stage4 EnemyA.png Seikima II Stage4 EnemyB.png

Vertical floater: Seikima II Stage4 EnemyC.png

Instrument: Seikima II Item Bass.png

Seikima II Stage4.png

Zone 5: Zeus[edit]

Seikima II Stage5.png

Once you have rescued all of your band mates, the only thing left to do is take the fight directly to Zeus himself and punish him for imprisoning your band. This is a very short zone, as you are placed directly into the fight right from the beginning. All you must do is hit Zeus in the body a number of times with your weapon and he will be defeated. He tosses the same magical rings at you as the knight from the eight areas of the previous Zones. Whenever you throw a weapon he jumps. If you aim your weapon at his feet, he will jump over the weapon and escape damage. If you aim for the top of his head, he will instead jump into the weapon and get hit by it. Zeus can be defeated with Bats (fourth upgrade) in eight hits.

Once he is defeated, proceed to the right and jump up to the book on the pedestal to win the game.