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There are currently twelve known endings in Sentient. Endings are primarily distinguished from one-another by each one having a unique end-screen image, including a unique piece of text, which may be preceded by a unique cutscene or share a cutscene with another ending.

Default Endings[edit]

Default endings are best understood as endings you receive if you fail to complete the conditions for any other ending by a certain point of time; in this sense, they're effectively Sentient's equivalent of a Game-Over screen. There are two known default endings.

Ending # Name Example end-screen image Description Criteria
1 Human Error File:Sentient end screen human error example.png Likely to be the first ending you receive, this ending depicts the ICARUS exploding and plummeting into the sun as the result of many possible mishaps; basically just a game-over screen. Fail to meet the criteria for any other ending by a certain point in time. Note, this ending can occur for various different reasons, all the result of the actions of one of the ship's NPC crew members, and at multiple points in the game's timeline: essentially, failing to complete major objectives within a hidden time limit triggers this ending.
2 Out of Time File:Sentient end screen out of time example.png Very similar to the Human Error ending except distinguished by a unique end-screen image and quote. Reach the end of the game's internal timeline without committing to any of the exclusive main endings. Effectively a special case of the Human Error ending where you complete enough major objectives to advance the game to the third act but don't complete any of the end-game objectives fast enough to receive a "good" ending.

Comical Fail-State Endings[edit]

Like the Default Endings listed above except these require deliberate player-action to occur. These endings are presented in a bleakly-comical fashion; likely they're intended to be seen as humorous easter eggs rather than a serious ending. There are two known comical fail-state endings known to exist.

Ending # Name Example end-screen image Description Criteria
3 Red Button File:Sentient end screen red button example.png Garrit Sherova pushes the big red button, labelled "DO NOT PUSH", on the ceiling of Engineering deck, and immediately afterwards alarms begin to blare and it's announced that the ship self-destruct sequence as been activated. Garrit remarks aloud that hitting the button was probably a bad idea before the cutscene of the ICARUS exploding and plummeting into the sun is shown. This ending is a parody of the Big Red Button and Self-Destruct Mechanism tropes in popular fiction. "Click" the red button on the ceiling of Engineering deck and select the "Use" option.
4 Microwave File:Sentient end screen microwave example.png Garrit destroys the ICARUS after repeatedly attempting to microwave a battery pack against his better judgement. Clearly, an easter egg ending as you likely won't encounter this ending unless you explicitly know about it and go out of your way to cause it. Acquire the Battery Pack and use it on the microwave three times.

Escape Endings[edit]

Escape endings are endings where Garrit leaves the ICARUS, either alone or with a small group, leaving the rest of the station's inhabitants to die when it crashes into the sun. There are two known escape endings. Unlike the default and comical fail-state, these endings each have a unique pre-rendered cutscene instead of the generic ICARUS-destruction scene.

Ending # Name Example end-screen image Description Criteria
5 Deserter File:Sentient end screen deserter example.png Garrit hijacks the Senator's private yacht and escapes the ICARUS alone, leaving everyone else to die. After the Senator summons his private yacht, travel to the Docking deck and board the ship before the senator does.
6 Mutiny File:Sentient end screen mutiny example.png After receiving the yacht-summoning beacon from Garrit, Garrilac barters with the senator to receive the launch key in exchange for returning the beacon to the senator. Then Garrit, Garrilac, and a handful of engineers use the launch key to jettison the Auxiliary Control deck to escape the ICARUS, leaving behind most of the crew. This is one of the few endings to have a proper epilogue, suggesting that Garrit and Garrilac were criminally prosecuted for their mutiny and subsequent abandonment of the ICARUS once they reached safety. Acquire the yacht beacon and give it to Garrilac, who will then forcefully negotiate with the senator to exchange the beacon for the launch key. After this is done, speak with Garrilac to receive the launch and travel to the, now accessible, Auxiliary Control deck. Use the launch key on the appropriate machine and this ending will trigger.

Good Endings[edit]

The main, successful endings received from completing a specific end-game objective. "Good" here, is used a general adjective to mean that these endings resolve a major plot thread and result in the saving of most of the ICARUS's inhabitants. Like the escape endings, these all have unique pre-rendered cutscenes which play before the end-screen image.

Ending # Name Example end-screen image Description Criteria
7 Jacomo File:Sentient end screen jacomo example.png After Jacomo successfully completes the initiation ritual and becomes a true navigator, he and Garrit then proceed to the Navigation deck and together, they successfully pilot the ICARUS away from the sun, saving everyone aboard. After successfully completing the Act 3 objectives required to save Jacomo, and inform Tacomo of Jacomo's whereabouts, Jacomo can be spoken to once more in which he will tell Garrit to meet him on the Navigation deck. This ending will trigger after travelling to the, now unlocked, Navigation deck and interacting with a machine there per Jacomo's instructions.
8 Digital Messiah File:Sentient end screen digital messiah example.png Garrit accepts his destiny as the prophetic "Digital Messiah" and pilots a single escape pod into the sun to complete his transcendence into the Digital Messiah.
9 Mind Lift File:Sentient end screen mind lift example.png After learning of his role as the Digital Messiah, Garrit, rather than embrace martyrdom as in the Digital Messiah ending, opts instead to create a copy of his consciousness and delivered that copy, in an autonomous ship, to the heart of the sun. It is left ambiguous as to whether that plan was successful. After learning of your role as the Digital Messiah, you can speak with SUZIE to devise an alternative solution that doesn't involve flying Garrit directly into the sun. This new plan requires you to use the Computer-Overide Device on the Chief Scientist's terminal to extract the hard drive. Pick up the hard drive and use it one of SUZIE's terminals to trigger this ending.
10 Deciphered Communication File:Sentinent end screen deciphered communication example.png Garrit and SUZIE work together to deciphered the enigmatic messages emanating from the sun, to discover that the message are actually directives from escaping the gravitational pull of the sun. Garrit and SUZIE then successfully implement the instructions to pilot the ICARUS to safety. After receiving all three communications, SUZIE can be spoken to about them. You must then suggest that the communications are encoded in Braille. SUZIE does not understand Braille but this can be addressed by usng the Braille book from Tacomo's room on SUZIE's data bank terminal will solve this, thus enabling this ending.