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To Red Key[edit]

When entering the area, there will be an enemy approaching from the right, either one or two brown ninjas. The following room, the front terminal, will have a gray ninja along with others taking cover at the far end of the room.

The door on the left leads to the arcade area, which may have a Coolie approach with explosives on higher difficulty levels. Eliminate the female ninjas, and head to the end of the room to reach a crashed airplane. This airplane has a red access card.

When returning to the elevator, you may want to grab the missile launcher secret. The button is visible on the pachinko machine on the right.

To Yellow Key[edit]

Head to the elevator, and unlock it. Once you unlock the door, there are multiple routes to the destination, although you can end the level here by taking the secret exit to Auto Maul.

Ride the elevator down, and you should enter a large room - there's a cluster mine in the middle, which can be evaded by quickly running through the area. Take the left exit in this room, and turn right (after making sure you aren't being flanked). There's a door and glass window on the right. Break the window, and kill the Baby Rippers. To reach the yellow key, you need to activate the switch on the dynamite, and flee the area - the explosion chain will follow a few corners. Once the explosions stop, the yellow key should be accessible.

You may also reach it by taking a secret in the arcade area (a panel opened up), or the baggage chute in the lobby. The baggage chute leads to a secret containing a grenade launcher, but also leads to a combat heavy area.

There are additional rooms that you can reach before getting the yellow card. There's a gift shop on the second floor by taking a spiral staircase near the elevator, with some health, a riot gun and a fortune cookie secret. There is a security checkpoint with a baggage scanner, and a metal detector (which opens a turret when alarmed), and that room has two compartments containing a Guardian Head and Kevlar armor. The Blue Brews bar is mostly vacant but leads to a rail gun secret. Finally, there's a connector between the security checkpoint and baggage claim, containing a fortune cookie.

To Blue Key[edit]

Unlock the yellow key door, found near the elevator. This leads to the control room, and will lead towards a ripper infestation. The blue access key is on the right.

To Exit[edit]

The blue key door is to the left of the security checkpoint, and is guarded by female ninjas. When you open the door, a few baby rippers are in the corridor ahead, although the exit itself will have two sumos.

This exit leads to Crude Oil.


  1. After retrieving the red key, you should see a switch on the pachinko machine on the right. Press it, jump onto the machine and enter the opening for a missile launcher.
  2. When you unlock the red key door, backtrack to the room containing phones and pachinko machines. Jump onto these machines and climb onto the candy machine. Enter the hatch, and collect caltrops, a Portable MeKit, a Riot Gun, and grenades. You will also be able to get potshots on the ninjas present in that room.
  3. When you activate the elevator, you'll notice the upper doors don't close right away. Send the elevator down and enter the shaft to stand on the top of the elevator. Send the elevator up, and enter the side corridor for a nuclear warhead, and the secret exit.
  4. In the gift shop, use the cash register, then enter the opening for a fortune cookie.
  5. Enter the baggage claim's central conveyor, and head to the intermediate section. There is a button on the left of the compactor, which opens an alcove containing a grenade launcher. The compactor will smash four times once you enter it, thus you should quickly move in and out as necessary.
  6. In the Blue Brews bar, there is a banner in the corner. Activate it to get access to the railgun.
  7. In the control tower, the side of the radar display facing the soda machine has a button high up. Press this button, and a panel above the soda machine will open. It contains a ripper heart.