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Maki Sonomura[edit]

A sickly girl sheltered from the outside world by lengthy hospital stays. Her classmates think she may be able to return to school soon, having spent the last year confined to a hospital bed.

Masao Inaba/Mark[edit]

The spoiled son of the owners of Inaba Dry Cleaning, he insists his friends call him Mark, though his mother still calls him by his childhood nickname, "Massy".

Hidehiko Uesugi/Brown[edit]

A very adaptive personality makes him well-liked by most, but he is really just hiding his personal weakness behind a bold image.

Kei Nanjo[edit]

The arrogant heir of the wealthy Nanjo family. Yamaoka, his butler, raised him through much of his childhood, and may be the only person that knows Kei's true self.

Eriko Kirishima/Elly[edit]

Having recently returned from America (and being one quarter American herself), this fearless girl is popular in school and shows an interest in the occult.

Yuka Ayase[edit]

She tries to behave as if she's a stereotypical high school girl, and tends to get those around her into trouble.

Yukino Mayuzumi[edit]

The reformed leader of a girl gang, she has become like a big sister to many of the other students, and has gained a maturity lacking among most high school students.

Saeko Takami[edit]

The homeroom teacher of Class 4. She has the admiration of her students, though they are often seen as the problematic students of the school.

Takahisa Kandori[edit]

President of the SEBEC branch recently setup in Mikage.