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Conqueror Judaa Marr

At a Glance:

  • +1 Growth
  • +1 Morale
  • -1 Planet
  • +25% Offensive bonus
  • Free Recycling Center at each base
  • Space Survey
  • Directed Research
  • 3-Res armour researched at start
  • Deep Radar for all units
  • Aversion Democracy

Judaa Marr's game[edit]

Again, an almost impossibly easy game, no matter what level of play you select. You get all the advantages of Miriam's attackers, with none of her disadvantages, a morale boost besides that, free recycling tanks at each base (which, as per the Caretakers, dramatically speeds up your game), and three techs at game start. You would have to try hard not to win the game with these guys! With normal research rates, your tech will be as good, if not better than everybody around you (especially since you are guaranteed of one extra energy per base, with your free Recycling Tanks, and three techs at game start), and with your attack bonuses you are, simply put, a terror.

Marr, the Builder[edit]

Sure, you can do this well, but why? Of course, if you're just looking to play the Builder's game with the ultimate "big stick," then this faction will do the job for you. No one will want to attack you, figuring that if you're content to build, in most cases, they'll be content to let you. At least you're not attacking them!

Marr, the Hybrid[edit]

A cakewalk. Again, in times of peace, nobody will even breathe hard in your direction for fear of provoking you, and you can focus on infrastructure, and, if the time comes to attack...well, your faction was born and bred for it!

Marr, the Conqueror[edit]

You could do this with your eyes closed! Just follow the human-faction momentum paradigms with a vengeance and you will beat them at their own game every time. Probe teams and foils first, then sweep in for the kill, and you have a leg up again, thanks to the free Rec. Tanks at the outset!