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Adaptive Doctrine[edit]

Adaptive Economics[edit]

Advanced Ecological Engineering[edit]

Advanced Military Algorithms[edit]

Advanced Spaceflight[edit]

Advanced Subatomic Theory[edit]

Applied Gravitonics[edit]

Applied Physics[edit]

Applied Relativity[edit]


Bioadaptive Resonance[edit]



Centauri Ecology[edit]

Centauri Empathy[edit]

Centauri Genetics[edit]

Centauri Meditation[edit]

Centauri Psi[edit]

Controlled Singularity[edit]


Digital Sentience[edit]

Doctrine: Air Power[edit]

Doctrine: Flexibility[edit]

Doctrine: Initiative[edit]

Doctrine: Loyalty[edit]

Doctrine: Mobility[edit]

Ecological Engineering[edit]

With this technology, your bases no longer have to rely on mineral bonuses to bypass the production limit. Mines on rocky tiles(+4) and thermal boreholes(+6) now provide full mineral bonuses, more than doubling your industrial output. Start using those crawlers on mines!

Environmental Economics[edit]

Ethical Calculus[edit]


Field Modulation[edit]

Frictionless Surfaces[edit]

Fusion Power[edit]

The advent of Fusion Reactors marks the beginning of the end. With double the resilience of Fission based units at a cheaper cost, Fusion based units will make short work of anything that are not mindworms or similar psy-based units.

Gene Splicing[edit]

Starts the chain of unlocking hardcoded production limits. Allows your bases to benefit from condensers and farms on rainy terrain, causing them to grow at a much faster rate.

Graviton Theory[edit]

High Energy Chemistry[edit]

Homo Superior[edit]

Industrial Automation[edit]

Easily one of the two or three most important technologies in the game. This technology allows you to build the Supply Crawler, a staple of virtually all advanced strategies, and additionally allows Wealth, which may be desirable, and the construction of Hab Complexes, which you'll need for bigger bases, and the Planetary Transit System, which is useful if you can spare the time and resources to grab it. On top of all that, you get more commerce. Getting this tech before anybody else does can easily swing the game in your favor even if you are otherwise behind in every other respect — but you must take full advantage of it.

Industrial Base[edit]

Industrial Economics[edit]

Industrial Nanorobotics[edit]

Information Networks[edit]

Intellectual Integrity[edit]

Matter Compression[edit]

Matter Editation[edit]

Matter Transmission[edit]

Mind/Machine Interface[edit]

Monopole Magnets[edit]

N-Space Compression[edit]



Neural Grafting[edit]

Nonlinear Mathematics[edit]

Starts off the long era of impact rover warfare.

Optical Computers[edit]

Orbital Spaceflight[edit]

Organic Superlubricant[edit]

Photon/Wave Mechanics[edit]

Planetary Economics[edit]

Planetary Networks[edit]

Polymorphic Software[edit]

Pre-Sentient Algorithms[edit]

Unlocking the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm alone makes this one of the most highly sought out technologies.

Probability Mechanics[edit]

Progenitor Psych[edit]

Quantum Machinery[edit]

Quantum Power[edit]

Retroviral Engineering[edit]

Secrets of Alpha Centauri[edit]

Secrets of Creation[edit]

Secrets of the Human Brain[edit]

Secrets of the Manifolds[edit]

Self-Aware Machines[edit]

Sentient Econometrics[edit]

Sentient Resonance[edit]

Silksteel Alloys[edit]

Singularity Mechanics[edit]

Social Psych[edit]

String Resonance[edit]

Super Tensile Solids[edit]


Superstring Theory[edit]

Synthetic Fossil Fuels[edit]

Synthetic Fossil Fuels provides Missile Launchers, usually considered the next step in weapons technology after a long era of impact rover warfare. Doctrine: Air Power will follow soon, resulting in a boom of cheap Missile Penetrators and turning the tide of war singlehandedly.

Temporal Mechanics[edit]

The Will to Power[edit]

Threshold of Transcendence[edit]

Transcendent Thought[edit]

Transcendent Thought serves the same function as the 'Future Technology' techs in the Civilization series: Bonus Points at the end of the game for each 'level' of Transcendent Thought researched.

  • Track and Level: Discover 16

Unified Field Theory[edit]