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There are three weapon types, each split into three categories. When you run over a weapon, you will automatically pick it up if it's a ligher level; otherwise, you will have to manually pick it up.

NOTE: The crosshair is off center if you choose a resolution other than 640x480.

Balistic weapon[edit]

The ballistic weaponry in the game use bullets as their ammunition.

AVR-9 "Avenger" Light Slug Cannon[edit]

IR-9000 "Iron Roar" Assault Cannon[edit]

CR-80 "Cyclone" Saturation Cannon[edit]

Tier 4 Siege Cannon[edit]

Fires an artillery shell in a parabolic arc, which then explodes.

Energy weapons[edit]

The energy weaponry uses cell packs.

Tier 1[edit]

Tier 2[edit]

Tier 3[edit]

Tier 4[edit]

Missile weapons[edit]

The missile launcher uses rockets that you have collected.

SBR-80 "Shrieker" Rocket Launcher[edit]

This system is an unguided missile system that fires a non-homing heavy explosive rocket.

Stone Dog Guided Missile System[edit]

Fires fire and forget missiles that home in relentlessly once a target has been locked into its seeker array. Carrying a hydrogen plasma warhead, they cause damage through explosive effect and heat.

Valhalla Class Rocket Launcher[edit]

Fires nonhoming multi-warhead missiles that separate a short distance after launch and rain down death and destruction over a wide area.

Note: If you are playing on hard difficulty, you need this weapon to complete the game.

Zulu Engagement Missile System[edit]

The Tier 4 missile launcher will automatically lock onto multiple targets, and fire up to four missiles at once.

Note: This weapon is inoperable at high screen resolutions. While you can still obtain a lock, the enemies have to be in the top-left corner of the screen.