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Items may be found on the field or stored in video monitors. To open video monitors, use the Super Sonic Spin Attack (jump on it) or roll into them at a fast enough speed. (Press down on the D-Pad while running.)

Picture Item Description
Ring sonic the hedgehog.png Ring By grabbing rings, Sonic won't get hurt if he is attacked. If an enemy attacks, you will lose the rings you collected. If an enemy attacks while Sonic has no rings, you will lose a life. Collect 100 or 200 of these in one act to earn an extra life.
End of act marker sonic the hedgehog.gif End-of-Act marker These markers are found at the end of every zone's first and second act. Pass through them to complete the act.
Lamppost sonic the hedgehog.gif Lamppost By crossing through a Lamppost, your present score and time will be recorded. If you fail to complete the Act, you will return to the last Lamppost you touched. (Lampposts that haven't been activated have blue spheres on top. Activated ones have red spheres.)
Super ring sonic the hedgehog.png Super Ring Contains 10 rings.
Shield sonic the hedgehog.png Shield Prevents you from losing rings when you are attacked. It will also prevent you from losing a life if you have no rings. However, once you are attacked, your shield will be gone. Also, it will not protect you if you fall off the stage, drown, or are crushed.
Power sneakers sonic the hedgehog.png Power Sneakers Will temporarily boost Sonic's speed. Very rare (only four appear in the entire game) and can often cause you to get hit.
One-up sonic the hedgehog.png One-Up Gives Sonic one extra life, or one extra chance to complete the game.
Invincible sonic the hedgehog.png Invincible Will temporarily protect Sonic from attacks. However, it will not protect you from falling off the stage, drowning, or being crushed.
Spring sonic the hedgehog.gif Spring Leap onto the broad side to catapult Sonic into the air. The yellow ones send him flying a short distance, while the more powerful red ones send him farther.
Spikes sonic the hedgehog.gif Spikes Sonic will be hurt if he touches the pointed side. They're usually found in sets of three, but can many can be grouped together at once. Sometimes they're just lying out in the open, and sometimes they pop in and out of the ground (or the ceiling, or the walls). Sonic's temporary invulnerability after he is hit will not protect him from spikes; which is a bug that annoys many players.
Switch sonic the hedgehog.gif Switch Jump on the switch to cause a change in the nearby scenery.
Animal capsule sonic the hedgehog.gif Animal Capsule These are found at the end of every third act (except for Scrap Brain) after defeating the zone's boss. Jump on the switch at the top finish the act.