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There are a variety of sidequests found in the game, and while none of these are really connected to the main plot, they are useful for earning hero points and awards.

  • Pizza Missions: These missions are activated by heading to Pizza Iolo's. Spider-Man has to deliver pizzas to customers within a certain time limit, while trying not to mess them up by spinning in the air and doing other similar tricks. Completing all the missions will earn the "Employee of the Month" title.
  • Photo Missions: Spider-Man will go to the Daily Bugle and be assigned a place to take pictures of within a certain time limit. He will then have to return to the Daily Bugle and give the pictures to J.J. Jameson. Completing all the missions will earn the "Shutterbug" title.
  • Mary Jane Missions: These missions involve going to Mary Jane's apartment and finding a note telling Spider-Man to meet her in a certain location, such as a restaurant or a movie theatre. Like the others, these missions are timed. Completing them all will earn the "Lover Not a Fighter" title.
  • Video Game Arcade: At the arcade there are 4 minigames Spider-Man can play, each of them enhancing his skills and earning hero points. Winning them all earns the "Hardcore Gamer" title.
  • Tokens: There are many tokens hidden all around the city, which Spider-Man can search for and find to earn hero points. There are Skyscraper Tokens, found on tall buildings, Buoy Tokens, found on floating buoys off the shore, Hideout Tokens, found in thugs' hideouts, like basements, restaurants, fitness centers and pubs, where the player may have to fight them, and Secret Tokens, found in various hard to find locations. All of these tokens earn hero points.
  • Hint Markers: These are similar to the tokens listed above, except these can be found on the map, so they are easier to get. Most of them give the player hints for the game, but some are just funny comments, biographies, extra points or remarks. One such token mentions that, by finding all the hint tokens, they would be changed to say something different; After activating the last token, activating any token will play a random recording of Bruce Campbell saying 'Something Different' in a variety of ways.
  • Challenges: These can be activated by a blue challenge marker, found all over the city. They involve Spider-Man racing to a point or performing tricks and stunts within a certain time limit. The difficulty level ranges from "Easy" to "Insane". Winning each Challenge will give the player the opportunity to do the challenge again, but with a tighter time limit, earning more hero points. This second form is called a Mega Challenge. Beating all the Challenges will yield the "Silver Medalist" title, whilst beating all of the Mega Challenges will give the player the "Gold Medalist" title. But a hint marker said it's the hardest title to get.
  • Fight Arena: The Fight Arena is a large warehouse which can be activated by purchasing it at the Spidey Store for 5000 hero points. Here the player will fight a number of bosses and other enemies that Spidey has faced before in the game, including Calypso in the last of 8 levels.