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Spore Origins
Box artwork for Spore Origins.
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Designer(s)Will Wright
Release date(s)
Mobile icon.png
Flag of the United States.svg July 92008 (AT&T)
IPod icon.png
IOS icon.pngMobile icon.png
iOS, Mobile
System(s)Mobile, iPod, iOS
Mode(s)Single player, multiplayer
TwitchSpore Origins Channel
YouTube GamingSpore Origins Channel

Spore Origins is the mobile version of Spore, and focuses on a single phase of gameplay—the cell phase. The iOS version takes advantage of the device's touch capabilities and 3-axis accelerometer.


Players to try to survive as a multicellular organism in a tide pool, with the ability to upgrade its creature as with the main game. The basic gameplay is similar to flOw.

Unlike Spore, the main game is roughly an hour long, and divided into 18 levels, with the player attacking and eating other organisms while avoiding being eaten by superior ones. Movement is achieved by pressing the phone keys in ordinal directions. Eating creatures is done by pressing the OK button; group-eating combos can be achieved with the OK button as well. A section is completed after the player eats a certain amount of DNA material from other life forms.

Each of the 18 levels (every 3 levels of the 30 for iPad/iPhone) sections is followed by the creature editor, in which the player may add an upgrade to his organism. With every 3 upgrades to the creature, a "superpart" is awarded.


After players complete the single player game, they can engage in wireless battles with other players' completed creatures.

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