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You play as Spyro in this place. There are 300 gems and 7 fireflies.


Rescue Daisy

After you enter, go down and talk to a cow called Henrietta. She says that Rhynocs took her sister, Daisy, in the middle of the night. You will find Daisy guarded by a Rhyzard who fires three balls at one time. Defeat it, and Daisy will give you a firefly. After this Bianca will come and give you your fire breath (and the exit portal).

Keep the Milk Fresh

Enter the Challenge portal to meet Mabel. She needs her milk to be kept cool until her sister, Polly, goes to take it to the market. Meanwhile you should keep it cool. Use your ice breath on the milk cartons and Mabel will give you a firefly if you suceed.

Needle in the Haystack

You have to light the haystack using your flame breath to find a needle. There are eight of them.

  1. On the platform near Roaming Firefly 1.
  2. On the platform near Haystack number 1.
  3. On the platform near the first Rhyzard (cross over to get the rare 25 gem).
  4. Near Roaming Firefly 2.
  5. Near the way leading up to Daisy.
  6. On the left-hand side of Daisy.
  7. Down below the slope leading to the Challenge portal.
  8. On the left-hand side of the challenge portal.
Roaming Firefly 1

There is a firefly just after Henrietta.

Roaming Firefly 2

There is a firefly just before Zoe (the fairy).

Roaming Firefly 3

There is a firefly below the key.

Roaming Firefly 4

There is a firefly near the Challenge Portal.

Chest and Key[edit]


The chest is up on the platform near Haystack number 2.


The key is on the platform near Zoe.


Scarecrow, Rhyzard