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Your first Fall[edit]

Autumn is the most profitable season in the farming world. There is another big, slow-growing, profitable crop to plant; Pumpkins. Plant a lot of pumpkins, and in one big rectangle if you want to maximise the chances of a giant pumpkin. There is another profitable berry to plant - Cranberries. In fact, there are a few recurring crops, and just as before, you want to plant some of everything.

Part of the emphasis in Fall is on setting yourself up well for Winter. You will not naturally have a significant income in Winter, as you cannot grow crops outdoors; but most animals will produce normally, so long as you feed them, and it’s worth hanging on to some of the fall harvest for value-adding in Kegs and Preserves Jars.

Another important tradition of Fall is showing off at the Fair grange display. There is something special for sale at the Fair, and one way to get some of the tickets to buy it is show off at the grange display.

Naturally you are going to keep working on your Community Centre bundles.

If you’re on a fast snowball, you may be aiming to get the Greenhouse before or early in your first Winter. This is certainly well worthwhile. The hard parts are the Animal bundle and the Artisan bundle. For this, you want to upgrade both your Coop and your Barn - you will *probably* need to upgrade one of them a second time, but doing the other one can wait until late winter. Also craft and put out a Bee House.

If you’re on a slower growth rate, simply try to get both a Coop and a Barn built and stocked with animals, and a silo stocked with hay (1 full silo will keep 8 animals fed all winter and while new grass grows in spring) and then you can work on crafting enough cheese presses and mayonnaise machines to keep up with the output.