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SoREnemy Garcia.gif
  • Appearance: Punks who wear denim jeans and jackets with spiky hair.
  • Variations: Blue denims with orange hair, green denims with orange hair, red denims with white hair.
  • Attack strength: Weak (Blue denims), medium (Green and red denims).
  • Attack speed: Slow (Blue and green denims), medium (red denims).


SoREnemy Signal.gif
  • Appearance: Punks who wear spiky boots, jackets and have a mohawk.
  • Variations: Yellow jacket with purple mohawk, purple jacket with yellow mohawk, green jacket with orange mohawk.
  • Attack strength: Weak (Yellow jackets), medium (Purple and green jackets).
  • Attack speed: Slow (Yellow jackets), medium (Purple jackets), fast (Green jackets).


SoREnemy Shiva.gif


SoREnemy Electra.gif
  • Appearance : Overkneeboots, leotard and pantyhose
  • Variations : Red leotard and boots with gray pantyhose, black leotard and boots with white pantyhose, pale green leotard and boots with beige pantyhose
  • Attack strength : Weak (Red leotard), medium (Black and pale green leotard).
  • Attack speed : medium (Red leotard), fast (Black and pale green leotard).
  • Note: If an attack on your knees and apologized black leotard


SoREnemy Jack.gif
  • Appearance : Juggles objects.
  • Variations : Can juggle torches, axes
  • Attack strength :
  • Attack speed :
  • Note: Damages if you get too close, and occasionally throws his juggled item. Best handled using jump kicks.


SoREnemy Antonio.gif
  • Round 1 boss.

Throws his boomerang at you.


SoREnemy Souther.gif
  • Round 2 boss.


SoREnemy Abadede.gif
  • Round 3 boss.


SoREnemy Bongo.gif
  • Round 4 boss

You can't throw him.

Yasha & Onihime[edit]

SoREnemy BossTwins.gif
  • Round 5 boss.

Mr. X[edit]

SoREnemy MrX.gif