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There are 10 floors in Beginner. You can also unlock 3 Extra floors by completing all 10 floors without losing a life.

Floor 1 (Plain)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Simply break the tape of the goal.

Floor 2 (Diamond)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Watch for the diamond-shaped hole in the middle.

  • Green Warp: At the start, turn around and go up the small ramp behind you. You'll fall, but if you're able to land safely on the platform below, you'll be right in front of a green goal that'll warp you to Floor 5.

Floor 3 (Hairpin)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Simply go around the floor in either direction, and you'll eventually finish. The lower route is more dangerous, but offers more bananas.

Floor 4 (Wide Bridge)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

You'll have to safely cross the moving bridge to clear. One thing to keep in mind is that the bridge--like all moving platforms in the game--DOES NOT move you; you have to move with it.

Floor 5 (Bonus Basic)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Try to collect all 50 bananas in 60 seconds. Regardless of whether or not you finish, you'll move on to the next floor with the bananas that you've collected.

Floor 6 (Slopes)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

You'll have to go down 3 ramps to clear this floor. If you feel as though you're going too fast, make sure to pull back on the control stick to slow down a bit.

Floor 7 (Steps)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

This time, you'll have to go UP 3 ramps to clear. Keep the control stick pushed up so that you have the power needed to do so. However, try not to overdo it! It IS possible to fall over the sides of the ramps.

Floor 8 (Blocks)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

The middle square will continuously split up into 25 moving platforms that come apart and then come back together into the original big square.

There are multiple ways to complete this floor, but the easiest way is to move with the platform that approaches your corner at the start. Then move with it as it becomes part of the big square. When it does, quickly move to the opposite corner of it before it breaks apart again.

When the platform reaches the goal, break the tape.

Floor 9 (Jump Single)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Cross the bridge as usual until you reach the slope. You'll have to go down it at a fast enough speed so that when you hit the platform at the bottom of the slope, you'll bounce across the gap and be able to cross the goal.

However, don't go too fast! It's possible to hit the wall and fall out of the stage.

Floor 10 (Exam-A)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

This final floor will require all the skills you've learned so far.

Go quickly across the first bridge. Make a quick U-turn, and move across the next bridge while being careful not to fall out. Once you finish that, go across either of the 2 small bridges you see, then face the uphill bridge.

Remember, like the hills in floor 7, you need to attack the bridge fast enough so that you'll have the power to go up it. Balance to prevent yourelf from falling. Once you make to the top, face 1 last obstacle: a narrow S-curve. By now, the time becomes a factor; you must NOT go too slow or too fast across it; you'll fall out and have to do everything over. If you can beat the floor, you'll be ready for anything that comes your way in the Advanced mode.

Extra Floor 1 (Blur Bridge)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

There are 8 moving platforms. You have to move through each platform to get to the next one. After you get out of the 8th platform, goal.

Extra Floor 2 (Hitter)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

There will be a spinning goal. The goal spins slower in the middle, at which point it's easier to get in. Time it right and you'll head to the last Beginner Extra floor.

Extra Floor 3 (AV Logo)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

As long as you don't fall in the A, V, or any empty space in this final floor, you will be OK. However, the hard part is that the stage is wobbly. Try to get to the left side of the V and goal.