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suggestion for editing or combining[edit]

In the first walkthrough, it seems very strange (to me at least) to have one paragraph talk about decent strategy to destroy the Fortress, then the very next paragraph about a completely different approach to start with "The easiest strategy is...".

Once all the Iron Curtains are destroyed, send out your Century Bombers at the Fortress and use your Proton Collider to strike it as well. You may have realised by now that it deals little damage towards the Fortress. Nullify it by constructing the Chronosphere and teleport your Mirage Tanks over. Be wary around the area, as Dreadnoughts will target any units near the Fortress. The V4 Launchers do not attack inside the area they are in, so it's advisable to concentrate on the Fortress. By now, you should be able to destroy the Fortress and have completed the Allied campaign. Congratulations. The easiest strategy is just to build a Century Bomber, and air-drop Tanya in who will destroy the shuttle instantly with her C4.

I copyeditted them into one late last night and apparently Notmyhandle didn't like it. Anyone else have ideas?Thinkbui 21:44, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

The reason for all the alternate strategies, and "the easiest way" sections is because every editor adds their own strategy in instead of incorporating it into the existing one. Either the whole walkthrough should consist of one strategy everyone can agree on, or each separate strategy should be written and formatted similarly. Right now some use bullets, some have YouTube videos, etc. I went through this guide once and did some formatting changes, you can see the discussion here. The problem with your edits before were the comments. If you think something should go somewhere else, be bold and move it. - najzere 23:26, 1 January 2009 (UTC)