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This page has been transcluded from Template:Footer Nav/Documentation.

This template is used to display a "footer nav" at the bottom of a page, which contains links to the previous and next pages, as well as an expandable table of contents, which is usually hidden, but is shown by default for "Walkthrough" pages.


{{Footer Nav
|game=Game name
|prevpage=Previous page name (do not include game name)
|prevname=Previous page label (optional)
|previmg=[[Image:sample.jpg]] (optional image to display with the "previous" link)
|here=This page label (optional; do not include game name)
|hereimg=[[Image:sample.jpg]] (optional image to display with the "here" label)
|nextpage=Next page name (do not include game name)
|nextname=Next page label (optional)
|nextimg=[[Image:sample.jpg]] (optional image to display with the "next" link)
|customprev=Additional link on the left (optional).
|customnext=Additional link on the right (optional).

The prevname, here and nextname parameters are optional, and should only be passed if you want the previous/next links to have labels different from the page name (e.g. if the previous or next pages are sub-sub-pages), or if you want the current page label to be different from the current page's name.

You can also use the custom parameters customprev= and customnext= to add additional links to a direction.


Most commonly you will run into a basic Footer Nav with only the minimum requirements, such as the following:

{{Footer Nav|game=Super Metroid|prevpage=Controls|nextpage=Space Colony Ceres}}


This high-risk template or image has been protected indefinitely. It is widely used and is at significant risk of vandalism. If you would like to edit this page, bring it up on the talk page, contact a sysop, or bring it up on Discord. Protection is not an endorsement of the current version, which is inevitably the wrong version.