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Character creation is a five or six step process (depending on the class chosen).

Enter the character's name[edit]

A name must be chosen for the character, up to 8 letters or symbols in length. Use Neutral dpad to select the letters, A button to enter the letter, and B button to delete a letter. The character's name may be changed later in the Guild.

Select the character's race[edit]

There are four races from which to choose in The Dark Spire:

  • Human: This race may select any class and alignment.
  • Elf: Highly intelligent but somewhat fragile physically, the Elves start with a Neutral alignment.
  • Dwarf: Characterized by physical strength and toughness, Dwarves generally do not choose to be spellcasters. They start Lawful in alignment.
  • Halfling: While Halflings are quick and agile creatures, they do not make good fighters due to their stature. They may be any alignment.

Generally there is a predisposition towards Dwarven Fighters, Halfling Thieves, Elven Mages, and Human Priests.

Choose the character's alignment[edit]

There are three alignments in the battle between the gods of Order and Chaos: Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. Lawful creatures, such as the Dwarves, are aligned with the gods of Order. Neutral creatures, like the Elves, align themselves with neither Order nor Chaos. Humans and Halflings can choose to side with either of the elder races, or align themselves with Chaos (Chaotic alignment).

  • Neutral characters may not become Priests.
  • Characters of Lawful or Chaotic alignment can not be in the same party with one another (but Neutral characters can be in the same party with characters of any alignment).
  • Circumstances may cause a character's alignment to change.

Assign the character's stat points[edit]

Assignment of stat points is random, though the race chosen will modify the possible range of values for certain stats. Press A button to stop the cycling of the numbers. The random assignment can be repeated as many times as desired.

  • Strength (ST): affects physical attacks.
  • Intelligence (IN): affects the number of spells that can be learned.
  • Vitality (VT): affects how much HP the character will have.
  • Dexterity (DX): affects attack order and trap evasion.
  • Charisma (CH): corresponds with physical appearance and personality.

Choose the character's class[edit]

  • Warrior (WAR): skilled with weapons, a character must have at least 11 ST to become a Warrior.
  • Thief (THF): possesing the ability to open locks and disarm traps, a character must have at least 11 DX to become a Thief.
  • Mage (MGE): casters of powerful Arcane spells, a character must have at least 11 IN to become a Mage.
  • Priest (PRI): utilizing Holy spells, a character must have at least 11 IN and be of either Lawful or Chaotic alignment to become a Priest.

Select spells (Mage or Priest only)[edit]

Mages and Priests get the chance to choose their spells. Press X button to view an explanation of the spell and its effects.